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Now you can jailbreak iPhone 6 plus, 5 s, 5c, 4s running iOS 8.0 – 8.1 using an alternate to TaiG tool. Many people are facing jailbreak fail error while jailbreaking using the Taig for 8.x.x versions of the iOS.

Pangu8_v1.2.1.exe was released by pangu team which is final version that can be used for jailbreaking the 8.0 and 8.1 versions on any device running these operating systems. Although we are mentioning the how to jailbreak iPhone 6 plus, but this jailbreak-tutorial can be used for jailbreaking all devices that are running iOS 8.0 or 8.1.

How To Jailbreak iPhone 6 UnTethered

Step 1: Make a backup of your iphone 6 before starting the jailbreak for iPhone 6 plus. Implement below recommendations in order to achieve error free jailbreak result:

  • Make sure your device was upgraded using iTunes not OTA, if it was updated using settings it is strongly recommended to use PanGu too to restore again after backup.
  • Turn On Airplane Mode
  • Turn Off Passcode
  • Turn Off “Find My iPhone”
  • Fresh Reboot your iPhone and computer.

After completing above steps go to next step.

Step 2: Download the PanGu Tool from below links and run the program as administrator.

Pangu8_v1.2.1.exe Jailbreak for iPhone 6 – Windows

Pangu8_v1.0.0.dmg Jailbreak for iPhone 6 – Mac

Step 3: If your iPhone was not restored using iTunes restore using pangu utility as shown below, otherwise go to nest step.

pangu restore before jailbreak

Step 4: If you receive the message that your idevice is compatible to jailbreak iOS 8.0-8.1 just click the jailbreak button or if you want to rejailbreak click the same button. Read the notice carefully and make sure all requirements are met and click “Already Did”

Pangu Notice Before Jailbreak Starts

How To Jailbreak iPhone 6 Plus

After you click the button iPhone 6 jailbreak process will start and you will see progress inside the pangu screen where it will give different messages and progress status as well. The step of preparing environment will take much time. After which your device will reboot and you will see the message of Jailbreaking. At this stage if your passcode is active you have to be vigilant and unlock the screen immediately otherwise Pangu will stop.

Pangu in progress jailbreak 8.0.1 8.1.2

After some time your device will reboot again and you will see the message of success on Pangu jailbreak screen, now your iPhone 6 jailbreak is completed.

If you receive the warning of “Disk is almost full” don’t worry, just run the Cydia on your springboard and enjoy your jailbroken iPhone 6 plus.

Below is the step wise guide on how to jailbreak ios 5.1 semitethered.  Please note that this jailbreak for ios 5.1. is not compatible with iPhone 4S, ipad 2 and the new ipad that was released yesterday. If you want to jailbreak ios 5 on iphone 4S and iPad2/3 it is recommended that you keep on existing iOS 5.0.1 and refrain from updating to ios 5.1. You can jailbreak 5.0.1 using Absinthe for iPhone 4S and iPad 2. The jailbreak which you will get by following procedure is semi-tethered which means you have to apply the last steps every time you need to restart your device. Similarly if you need to unlock or you already have unlocked your device it is better to not update to ios 5.1.

For Absinthe Jailbreak Click Here to go to Absinthe section.

Other iOS 5.1 / iOS 5.0.1 Tutorials:

Following are the steps on How To Jailbreak 5.1

Step 1: Download latest version of RedSn0w 0.9.10b6 by clicking below links:

Step 2: Extract the zip file and run the RedSn0w.exe file to start the redsn0w jailbreak process.

Step 3: There are two buttons “Extras” and “Jailbreak”, click Jailbreak to jailbreak and install Cydia

Step 4: Follow the instructions given on Next screen and put your iPhone/iPod Touch in DFU mode. Press Next.

Step 5: Follow the screen instructions to put your device in DFU mode. RedSn0w will detect iPhone and start installation of jailbreak and select “Install Cydia” when asked. (If this process does not start you can follow steps to put your device in DFU mode as instructed by clicking Next in previous step again). Close RedSn0w.

Step 6: Boot Tethered your iphone or iPod touch 4g: Restart RedSn0w by double clicking the RedSn0w.exe file.

Go to Extra option and click “Just Boot”

Your iDevice will restart and now it is jailbroken tethered.

Note: This is a tethered jailbreak and if you need to reboot your iphone you need to do step 6 each time therefore you need computer to reboot your iPod touch 4g.

If this ios 5.1 jailbreak is not working for you, you can try Sn0wbreeze ios 5.1 jailbreak software by visiting How to jailbreak ios 5.1 using SnowBreeze

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The new Absinthe jailbreak was released on Friday and as expected huge number of jailbreakers has done their job, the estimated number of jailbreaks done in only first three to four  days has  crossed the figure of 1,000,000. Remember these figures are for jailbrake iPhone 4S and iPad 2. Some figures were given on the official blog of the Saurik for first three days which was exactly 953,232.

One can think how correct these figures are, so you can read below comment from Saurik that whenever a user launches the Cydia it triggers a query to Saurik’s servers for obtaining the list of available SHSH blobs and even if there is no file the query is launched.

Below is breakdown of how many A5 owners have jailbroken their devices since Friday morning.  The numbers are as of Monday afternoon:

  • 491,325 new iPhone4,1 devices
  • 308,967 new iPad2 devices
  • 152,940 previously jailbroken (at 4.x) iPad2 devices

Total: 953,232 new A5 jailbreaks in a little over 3 days

You can jailbreak iphone 4s by following the steps below using the latest Absinthe jailbreak released by dev team. The procedure is same for both Windows and Mac operating system. This guide is also applicable for iPad jailbreak.

Before starting the Absinthe A5 jailbreak please check below requirements:
1. iPhone 4S should be running 5.0 or 5.0.1

2. iPad 2 should be running on ios 5.0.1.

If your iPhone4s is not running the above ios you can download the latest iOS from this page.

Steps to jailbreak iPhone4s and iPad2 untether using Absinthe.

Step 1: Download the Absinthe jailbreak  Windows    Mac

Step 2: Once the file is downloaded double click the same to extract the downloaded zip file on to your hard drive. Now open the Absinthe application by double clicking or right click and select open as Administrator.

Step 3:  Now connect iPhone 4S to the computer via USB (Remove if you have set any pass codes or VPN settings)

Step 4: You will see below screen just click Jailbreak button to begin the jailbreak process.

Step 5: Jailbreak progress will start and will go through different messages on the screen in the following sequence:

a. Sending initial data

b. waiting for reboot

c. waiting for device to finish booting

d. Preparing jailbreak data

e. Finally Sending payload data.

Step 6:  The last message will be ‘Almost done’, Just unlock the screen if necessary, then tap the Jailbreak icon to finish. 

Step 7: You will see Absinthe icon on your iPhon4s springboard, tap it to complete  jailbreak process (first make sure your WiFi is enabled and connected).  Now Absinthe will connect to server and download the Cydia.

Note: Due to heavy load on server you may get error message “Error establishing a database connection”  You need to turn your turn VPN on go to Settings —> General —> Network —> VPN and turn it on.

Last Step: May be you get a configuration error and after about a minute your device will reboot with Cydia on the Springboard! Enjoy Your device is jailbroken untethered.
Watch Below Video for Details:

Jailbreak/Unlock iPhone

Download A5 jailbreak for the iPhone 4S and iPad 2 from the link below. This new jailbreak has been released today and this is one of the most awaited jailbreaks so far, because in future all were released in less time as compared to this ios 5 jailbreak iPhone 4S. This time we have got  different options for jailbreaking that are mentioned in our jailbreak tutorial.

Absinthe is the name given to new Corona  jailbreak for iPhone4s and ipad2. Greenpois0n Absinthe supports the following iOS devices and firmwares:

  • iPhone 4S running iOS 5.0, 5.0.1 (9A405 and 9A406)
  • iPad 2 Wifi/GSM/CDMA running iOS 5.0.1

In addition Chronic Dev Team has also provided new jail break simple Graphic User Interface which guides easy steps and you just need to download and install the new jailbreak.

Also the new version of RedSn0w will be available soon by Dev team.

You can download jail break for A5 devices from below link:

A5 Jailbreak for Mac – Absinthe 0.1.2

Download Absinthe jailbreak tool for Windows

Few hours before pod2g has uploaded a video on YouTube that is showing that he has jailbroken his iPhone4S running at ios 5.0.1, he showed that it is now running Cydia , first he reboots his iPhone 4S without connecting with  computer means this is untethered jailbreak and then he shows Cydia running and then he asks Siri “How is weather today” and it shows the latest weather update. So congratulations to all waaiting for iPhone4S untethered jailbreak. Hope with in few hours it will be officially released for all of us.

If you have iPhone 3G, iPhone4, iPod Touch or iPad1 you can jailbreak your device by visiting my tutorial to jailbreak iOS 5.0.1

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