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iPad 2 jailbreak is now a matter of few minutes, you can jailbreak ipad 2 by following the steps below using the latest ipad2 Absinthe jailbreak released by Chronic Dev Team. The procedure is same for both Windows and Mac operating system. These step wise guide is also applicable for iPhone 4S jailbreak.

Before starting the Absinthe A5 jailbreak please check that your iPad 2 is running on ios 5.0.1, if your iPad 2 is not running the above ios 5.0.1 you can download the latest iOS from this page and upgrade using iTunes or directly from Settings —-> General —-> Software Updates.

Before you start the ipad2 jailbreak Absinthe I recommend you to backup your SHSH blobs using TinyUmbrella ( Windows Mac ) so that if jailbreak fails at least you can restore your device baseband to restore to previous iOS version. Also it is recommended to backup using iTunes on your computer or on iCloud.

Below are the steps to jailbreak iPad 2 Untethered using Absinthe.

Step 1: Download the Absinthe 0.4 jailbreak  Windows    Mac   Linux

Step 2: Once the file is downloaded double click the same to extract the downloaded zip file on to your hard drive. Now open the Absinthe application by double clicking or right click and select open as Administrator.

Step 3:  Now connect iPad 2 to the computer via USB (Remove if you have set any pass codes or VPN settings)

Step 4: You will see below screen with your ipad 2 iOS version information  just click Jailbreak button to begin the jailbreak process.

Step 5: Jailbreak process will start and will go through different messages on the screen in the following sequence:

a. Sending initial data

b. waiting for reboot

c. waiting for device to finish booting

d. Preparing jailbreak data

e. Finally Sending payload data.

Step 6:  The last message will be ‘Almost done’, Just unlock the screen if necessary, then tap the Jailbreak icon to finish. 

Step 7: You will see Absinthe icon on your iPad 2 springboard, tap it to complete  jailbreak process (first make sure your WiFi is enabled and connected).  Now Absinthe will connect to server and download the Cydia.

Last Step: May be you get a configuration error and after about a minute your device will reboot with Cydia on the Springboard!

Enjoy Your ipad 2 device is now jailbroken untethered.

 So you can now free download Absinthe jailbreak and install using Windows, Mac and Linux versions of Absinthe. If your jailbroken device is working good you don’t need to try again but if you want to jailbreak first time your iphone 4s or ipad 2, or it is not working properly or you were unable to jailbreak due to any unexpected error you can try new version. Below are the Absinthe download links for you.

You will also need tutorials and guides for jailbreaking iphone4s or ipad2 that you can visit by clicking this LINK.

Below are the links for free download Absinthe jailbreak:

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As you know the jailbreak for iPhone 4S and iPad 2 was released last Friday and millions of the users has jailbroken their devices. Ultimately now there are tons of jailbreak tweaks and apps to be used on jailbroken devices. Similarly there are torrent of Cydia tweaks that work with Siri and used to modify or play with Siri’s behavior and look. Some of them I am mentioning hare which most Siri users has liked and used most of them.

1. Custom Siri Background

A very beautiful and simple tweak that can be used to change the background of your Siri app. You can change the background of your siri from typical brushed metallic any of your choice. You can go to Cydia and in search section just type “Custom Siri Background” and install the same.

2. Custom Siri Mic Color

You can change the color of your Siri microphone icon using the Winterboard. You only need to add the source and download the color that you want. You can visit http://repo.technetec.com from your iPhone4s and download the source for color of your choice.

3. Assistant Extension

This tweak is equally useful for iphone4S siri users and developers,  this app can enable many useful system commands such as “open”, “tweet”, and “restart springboard” and in addition Assistant Extension also opens up a plugin system to facilitate developers to develop/make custom commands of their own choice.

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A5 jailbreak for iPad 2 and iPhone 4S, Absinthe can be downloaded from the link below. You can jailbreak by exactly following the tutorial below. Below jailbreak links are applicable for all existing devices i.e. iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, iPhone 3gs, iPod Touch and iPad 1/2/3.

UPDATE: Click Here For iOS 5.1 Jailbreak using RedSn0w

UPDATE: Click Here For iOS 5.1 Jailbreak using Sn0wBreeze

UPDATE: Click Here For Easy Jailbreak Tutorials

This was the previous post:

For the time being Absinthe ios jail break for Windows has been released based on command line in which you have to run the file through DOS interface. This is a little complex method but I shall try to make it simple for you. Please follow below steps and if you are not sure then wait until new jailbreak for ipad2 and iphone4s is released that is graphical based.

Download Absinthe for Windows

Step 1: Download the Absinthe zip file and exctract it .. you’ll get a folder called “cinject_0.4.3″ rename that to “jb” and put it in your c: drive just copy the folder and paste in C partition on my computer.

Step 2: Make sure your iphone4s/ ipad2 is connected to the PC and is unlocked.

Step 3: Go to Start > Accessories > Command Prompt

Step 4: ou will see DOS console in black screen. Now in the black console type in order :

a. Type cd c:jb and press enter your prompt will look like this c:/jb>

b. Type cinject.exe -i payloads/jailbreak.mobileconfig and press enter.

Step 5: After this command is completed, you will notice a profile popped up on your iPhone saying jailbreak

Step 6: Install the profile. It then will ask for a password, type your iTunes password and add the source.

Step 7: Go back to the command prompt without doing anything different, in the command prompt:

a. Type the command cinject.exe -j payloads5 and press Enter

b. Type the command: cinject.exe -w and press enter

Step 8: Go to your iPhone/ipad settings –> General —-> Network — > VPN and turn VPN on. It will take some time and now restart your ipad or iPhone4s

Your device now will have Cydia installed and it is jailbroken untethered.

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Click Here to download, install and jailbreak your ios 5 using Absinthe the new jailbreak released recently. Absinthe is a tool for installation of jailbreak untethered ios 5.1 and 5.0.1. Absinthe has been developed by the Chronic Dev Team that installs the untether on your iphone4s and ipad2. Dev Team is also going to release command line tool along with Absinthe to help diagnose issues and repair things in case it goes wrong.

The news of new jailbreak called Absinthe is very hot today and it was mentioned on pod2g’s blog that it is going to be released in few hours. His word are as below:

I know the wait was long, too much long, but it’s about to end! You’d be able to free your iPhone in some hours.

Following is the detail of devices which are compatible with  Absinthe jailbreak :

  1. iPhone 4S running iOS 5.0, 5.0.1 (9A405 and 9A406)
  2. iPad 2 Wifi/GSM/CDMA running iOS 5.0.1

I hope the wait for new jailbreak shall be ended very soon which all of us are seeking from many days and it is already late but we have no other choice. I am very thankful for the dev team and pod2g and all others who are helping us in achieving our goals. They have given a link on their blog for making donations which we should even if small amounts.

iPad 2 was also jailbroken by pod2g after he released a video demonstrating that the iPhone4S jailbreak has been done. It was obvious that the jailbreak hack that was used for iPhone4s will also work on iPad2 since both are having same A5. As per the Pod2g in one of his latest blog post, the iPad 2 is fully untethered, as well. I hope the jailbreak for iPhone4s and iPad2 will be released within 2-3 days. Although it is late but we can wait and we don’t have any other choice. You can join my site below so that I can update you via email as soon as the jail break for iPhone 4S and iPad 2 is released.

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