ipad 3

iPad 3 will have A5x processor

In many previous rumors and reports it was revealed that the next generation ipad i.e. ipad 3 will be released on 7 March this year and it wil have A6 processor but yesterday 19-Feb-2012 there was a leaked photo released on the Chinese forum that was showing that that iPad 3 probably will have an A5X processor instead […]

iOS 5.1 pre-GM Build Leaked

Yesterday we got information about another new feature of iOS 5.1that is a new lock screen camera icon. Previously Apple has been known to send a copy of pre-released versions of iOS to carriers and other parties for tests before an official public release therefore this was reported in a recent post on a Portuguese blog that they […]

iPad 3 release date

There were many rumors regarding the ipad 3 release date in coming weeks of February 2012. Now it was firmly believed that announcement of iPad 3 in near future may not be a true news.  Jim Dalrymple from the loop reports that Apple will not be releasing any information on the iPad 3 release date this month. He says ” This is not […]

iPad3 is not Releasing in Feb 2012

There were early news today that Apple will release two models of iPad in forthcoming IDG MacWorld also called iWorld going to be held in Feb 2012 in San Francisco. Initial reports came from Digitimes that were denied by Jim Dalrymple writing on TheLoop and closing this chapter for now clearly mentioning that iPas 3 is […]