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Update: TaiG is now available for both Windows and Mac users. You can find tutorial to jailbreak using Mac by Taig Jailbreak Tutorial for Mac

Below is the procedure on how to jailbreak iOS 8.4, 8.3 and 8.1.3 on iPhone 6 Plus, 6, 5s, 5c, 5, 4s, iPod Touch 5G, iPad Air 2, Air, 4, 3, 2, Mini. The tutorial is based upon the latest release of TaiG v2.3.0 for 8.4 jailbreak.

You can jailbreak iOS 8.1.3 up to 8.4 easily using below tutorial on any compatible device. We recommend that you make sure your computer is running latest version of iTunes.

Steps On How To Jailbreak iOS 8.4, 8.3 & 8.1.3

  1. Make a backup of your device using iTunes.
  2. Download TaiGJBreak_EN_2300 file and open by double clicking it, extract the executable file to run the program.
  3. It is recommended to install Apple iTunes Drivers in order to face any error at later stage. Just download Apple iTunes Drivers and install.
  4. Turn Off Passcode on your device => Settings => Passcode.
  5. Turn of Find My iPhone by going to Settings => iCloud => Find My iPhone
  6. Run the TaiGJBreak.exe file.
  7. If things are OK you will be given the option of clicking the start button. Otherwise error message shall be conveyed via TaiG screen.
  8. After clicking the start button just relax and let the iOS 8.4 jailbreak process complete.
  9. Once you see the message that jailbreak is succeeded congrats now you can enjoy the jailbreak themes, tweaks and apps.

Below is a video tutorial if you wanna watch complete process before trying this iOS 8.4 jailbreak process.

How To jailbreak iOS 8.4 Using Taig Tool v2.3.0 [Video]

If you are facing problems or errors again, you can visit our page on how to remove TaiG Jailbreak Errors.

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April 4th, 2012 by Muz Khan

“After 5.1 jailbreak of my iPhone when I run Cydia or Safari it is not loading ”  this is the error many people are facing after jailbreak 5.1 on iphone 4, iPad or iPod touch. This is normal behaviour and understood since the latest 5.1 jailbreak is tethered that means one needs to boot tethered his device after jailbreak and for rebooting every time.

But what about my iPhone 4 baseband 04-11-08 on iOS 5.0.1 (9A405) with untethered Corona/RedSn0w jailbreak showing the same problem. Yesterday I observed abnormal heating of my iPhone so I immediately turned it off for few minutes and I was shocked when I turned it on again and tried to run the Safari and it was not working then I checked Cydia and it was also not working (I am 100% sure that my jailbreak is untetherd 5.0.1 jailbreak).

So this can happen with any body therefore no need to worry just follow below steps and your device will work smoothly. You have to just boot tethered and your device will become normal.

  1. Download the RedSn0w 0.9.10b5 or 0.9.10b6 by clicking Here
  2. Extract the file in some folder and open the folder and buoble click the RedSn0w.exe file to run the jailbreak program.
  3. Select Extras and then Boot tethered.
  4. Connect your device to your computer and turn it off.
  5. Click Next and follow screeninstructions to put your device in DFU mode (Press and hold power button for 2 seconds and while keeping it pressed also press and hold Home button for 10 seconds and now release Power button but keep holding the Home button for 13 seconds until you see some activity on computer screen (RedSn0w window)).
  6. After some activity on computer screen your device will restart and you will see the RedSn0w icon on your device screen wait until it turn on normally.
  7. Now you can use Safari and Cydia normally.

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March 26th, 2012 by Muz Khan

If you are frequent user of Skype for video chats on your iPad 3 there is a good news that the Skype for iPad app has been updated to version 3.8 and is available for download on the iTunes App Store. The new app is specifically optimized for iPad 3 retina display to give optimized graphics experience for users to get most out of the new iPad Retina display.

Bring your Skype contacts closer with full screen video at your fingertips.
Beautiful and simple, this is Skype built especially for the iPad. Call, video call, or instant message anyone on Skype. Plus, if you add a little Skype Credit, call landlines and mobiles at really low rates.

Simple to use:
• Join Skype on our website or just sign straight in to your account.
• If you already have a Skype account, your Skype contacts will automatically be there on your iPad.
• We’ve made adding new Skype contacts really easy. Once they’re in your Contact list, call, video or instant message them in one touch.
• Flick through recent calls and instant messages in your Skype for iPad history.
• Skype for iPad works over Wi-Fi or 3G (operator data charges may apply). Call Skype contacts on their iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, PC, Mac and even Skype enabled TVs.

Access free Skype features:
• Talk face-to-face or show what you’re seeing with front and back-facing cameras.
• Use Skype for iPad to call anyone else on Skype – and enjoy near CD quality (SILK) sound.
• Instant message and add emoticons to personalize your messages.

Then unlock even more features when you pay a little:
• Make cheap calls to landlines or mobiles from your iPad.
• Get an Online Number from Skype so people can call you on your iPad.

If you want to unlock these extra features, you can pay in a way that suits you.
• Pay As You Go with Skype Credit – great for when you’re using Skype every now and again.
• Pay monthly with a subscription – best if you use Skype a lot.

System requirements:
• Skype video calling requires iOS 4.0 or above.
• Send and receive video using front or back camera on iPhone 4, iPad 2nd Generation, and iPod touch 4th Generation.
• Send and receive video using rear camera on iPhone 3GS.
• Receive video only on iPad 1st Generation and iPod touch 3rd Generation.
• Works with any H264 compatible devices, including TVs.

Download Skype 3.8 for iPad 3 from below links:

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March 17th, 2012 by Muz Khan

Here comes another big good news for jailbreak community that chpwn and Phoenixdev has jailbroken the new ipad 3 using a third method. After release of iPad 3 yesterday, there are news coming from different sources about iPad 3 jailbreak, i0n1c and iPhone Dev team have already announced that they have already done jailbreak of iPad 3 on ios 5.1. i0n1c posted some pictures followed by the video of ipad 3 running Cydia successfully and also he demonstrated in the video that this is untethered ios 5.1 jailbreak.

Despite all these good news we are unable to get the actual ios 5.1 jailbreak software download and I know many of you are waiting for it curiously. You can join my blog below so that you can be informed as soon as the ios 5.1 jailbreak software is available for download.

Below is the tweet of Grant Paul (Chpwn) and also pictures given by him.

Jailbroken iPad (3), using a different method by myself and @phoenixdev: http://db.tt/mqIZmw96 http://db.tt/g2UlawxV http://db.tt/V9a3YZRJ

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February 20th, 2012 by Muz Khan

In many previous rumors and reports it was revealed that the next generation ipad i.e. ipad 3 will be released on 7 March this year and it wil have A6 processor but yesterday 19-Feb-2012 there was a leaked photo released on the Chinese forum that was showing that that iPad 3 probably will have an A5X processor instead of  an A6 as rumored earlier. Apple has used A4 processors in iPad and iPhone 4 and then A5 in iPad 2 and iPhone 4S.

iPad 3 Logic Board

Click to Expand

If you observe the  printed code “1146″ on the A5X processor this is the date code which  indicates that the iPad 3 processor was manufactured in 46th week of 2011 i.e. November 14-20 2011.

There are many other information also that can be extracted from the figures/codes on the logic board that include:

  • Hynix pair of 16 GB flash memory chips
  • Apple-branded chip similar to chips found in previous iPad tear downs with higher part number i.e. upgraded one

In addition you already know that there are confirmed reports that Apple is going to release iPad 3 on 7 March 2012 that will be equipped with high resolution upgraded cameras, retina display and LTE capability.

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February 18th, 2012 by Muz Khan

Yesterday we got information about another new feature of iOS 5.1that is a new lock screen camera icon. Previously Apple has been known to send a copy of pre-released versions of iOS to carriers and other parties for tests before an official public release therefore this was reported in a recent post on a Portuguese blog that they have a Pre-GM build and this new feature was discovered. In the latest iOS 5.1 version we know that we can directly open the camera app by double tapping the home button and then tapping the camera icon on lockscreen. This new feature is basically same but only difference is that you need to swipe the icon to upper side instead of tapping so it brings a little bit change or innovation whatever you can say.  It is also reported that the Camera icon may be permanently provided on the lock screen and you only need to slide it upside to start the camera app. Similarly another feature that was discovered in the new build is a Japanese language support/setting fors Siri application.
Now it is the fact that Apple is testing iOS 5.1 pre-GM version which indicates that release date of iOS 5.1. for the general public must be very close and as I reported earlier about the iOS 5.1 release date, that it is believed to be together with the release of iPad 3 in first week of March or may be 7th March 2012.

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February 12th, 2012 by Muz Khan

Many recent reports have revealed that iOS 5.1 may be released on 9 March 2012. The most recent update about ios 5.1 was that Apple has published new profiles for many phone carriers  which are compatible with iOS 5.1 and are set for release on March 9. So it seems obvious that the 5.1 version will be available soon for iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPod Touch 3G/4G, iPad and iPad 2.

The released carrier profiles are intended for operators in Japan, France, Greece, Finland and Sweden. These updated include updates to the default APN, special dialing codes and other items that will ensure smooth network connectivity after an ios 5.1 update is downloaded.

Due to shortage of ipad2 in the market it is expected that Apple is going to release iPad 3 and most probably the release of ios 5.1 and ipad 3 will be on same dates.

As I reported earlier ios 5.1 beta versions are already released for developers and I believe the hackers are also working to jailbreak ios 5.1 and after release of ios 5.1 we will start struggling to jailbreak it with the help of our loving hackers/jailbreakers.

Note: If you intend to upgrade to ios 5.1 I recommend you to preserve the SHSH blobs in case you may need to downgrade if unlock is not available for new iOS 5.1. 

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February 4th, 2012 by Muz Khan

There were many rumors regarding the ipad 3 release date in coming weeks of February 2012. Now it was firmly believed that announcement of iPad 3 in near future may not be a true news.  Jim Dalrymple from the loop reports that Apple will not be releasing any information on the iPad 3 release date this month. He says ” This is not going to happen, according to my sources. Apple will not hold an event in February, unusual or otherwise. That’s it.”

This may be a disappointing moment for the people waiting for next generation Apple iPad 3.  The last week rumors were from some reliable sources but we can’t say until the device is released. Below are summary of the rumors we were seeing from many weeks.

New iPad will come in two models J1 and J2 both corresponding to the Wi-Fi and 3G models. It was also reported by DigiTimes previously that code-names J1 and J2 are references to two completely distinct iPads of different sizes and including different technologies.

Release Date: Announcement in February 2012 and ipad 3 release in March 2012 since ipad 2 was released on 11 March 2011.

Retina Display: High quality pixel density screen similar to the one in iPhone and iPod Touch.

Quad-Core Processer:  A6 processor chip in the iPad 3 with Quad core carrying an S5L8945X identifier

Support for LTE alongside GSM and CDMA 3G networks in a single device.

Design: iPad 3 will be looking  similar to the iPad 2 so no big design change

Siri: Siri support to the iPad 3

Above are a summary of the different rumors about the release of  ipad3, you can subscribe my blog below for latest updates on release of next generation ipad 3.

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February 2nd, 2012 by Muz Khan

Market rumors are there about the release of long waited Apple iPad 3 in forthcoming couple of months. There is a recent rumor about the some features/specifications of anticipated iPad 3.  Some of the rumored features of ipad 3 are:

1. Retina Display with 2400 x 1600 or higher resolution and 297 PPI

2. A 28nm A6 quad core processor

3. 8MP camera with 3D technology from Sony

At the same time this is being anticipated that Samsung may also launch a new Galaxy Tab which is rumored to equipped with 2GHz dual-core processor, and it is perceived to be announced at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona very soon. So if we compare the anticipations it seems that both iPad 3 and galaxy tab will be releasing on the same days.

It is also anticipated that latest Samsung Galaxy Tablet would have a 10-inch display, 2560×1600 resolution and powerful processor of frequency 2GHz termed as Exynos 5250. The operating system of the new galaxy tablet will be Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich.

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February 2nd, 2012 by Muz Khan

It was revealed by Boy Genius that some anonymous source has provided them some images that are containing information about the expected iPad 3.  These photos are providing hints about new features of the next generation iPad. These images does not show the device but only provide output from a debugging tool called iBoot. So here are the findings from the revealed images:

1. New iPad will come in two models J1 and J2 both corresponding to the Wi-Fi and 3G models. It was also reported by DigiTimes previously that code-names J1 and J2 are references to two completely distinct iPads of different sizes and including different technologies. May be !

2. Support for LTE alongside GSM and CDMA 3G networks in a single device.

3. A6 processor chip in the iPad 3 with Quad core carrying an S5L8945X identifier

What do you think about new iPad please write in comments to have a healthy debate on reliability of above rumors because pictures can be modified and until the device is not released we can consider these news unreliable.

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