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ios 5.1.0 is the latest release of operating system for portable idevices with many of new features and bug fixes. ios 5.1 was released on January 9, 2012. The latest version of ios 5.1.0 is supporting iPhone 3gs, iPhone gsm/cdma, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPod touch 3g/4g, iPad and iPad 2. The release is beta 3 and is only released to Apple iOS Developers, so you can download if you are an app developer. The new ios 5.1 is compatible with the build 9B5141a and Basebands 1.5.04 and 04.12.01.

You may be looking to jailbreak 5.1.0 but it may be too early since it is not officially released but the hackers are working on it and we can hope that once ios 5.1.0 is released its jailbreak will be available within few days.

It is also expected that the new ios 5.1 will make Siri more powerful and users shall be able to fully utilize the potential of the Siri feature available in iPhone4s and ipad2.

Below are some of the features that ios 5.1 is providing as mentiond on Wikipedia:

  • Enhanced Siri dictation support during text input “on supported device”
  • Carrier updates (e.g. AT&T 11.1)
  • Baseband updates
  • Attempts to fix battery life
  • Fixes iPhone 4S support for Caller ID Name Display (on supported carriers – i.e. Rogers & Fido in Canada)
  • Images can now be removed manually from the Photo Stream in iCloud. Any photos deleted are now also removed from other iOS devices connected to iCloud.
  • Shake-to-shuffle caused the Music app to freeze, this will be fixed.
  • The Setup Assistant caused an “infinite setup loop” for some users. When the setup was completed, the iPhone would jump back to a “thank you” screen ad infinitum. Users had to reboot the device to restore functionality.
  • SpringBoard, the home screen app for the iPhone would sometimes fall into a state when double-clicking the home button would not display the camera icon. This too will be fixed.
  • Turn on/off 3G toggle restored on iPhone 4S
  • Possible Siri support, this is assumed because of the new menu in the iPad / iPhone / iPod Touch “call dictation and privacy”.
  • Lockscreen Arrow Slider, is smaller and square before it was bigger and more rectangular
  • Bug fixes where enabling bluetooth and returning to homescreen the bluetooth icon still remains in the status bar again this will be fixed
  • Possible Facebook integration. A new Facebook username field in the Contacts application and the ability to upload pictures directly to Facebook via Camera Roll.
  • Possible Bug fixes on Wi-Fi signal strength affecting iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

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A5 jailbreak for iPad 2 and iPhone 4S, Absinthe can be downloaded from the link below. You can jailbreak by exactly following the tutorial below. Below jailbreak links are applicable for all existing devices i.e. iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, iPhone 3gs, iPod Touch and iPad 1/2/3.

UPDATE: Click Here For iOS 5.1 Jailbreak using RedSn0w

UPDATE: Click Here For iOS 5.1 Jailbreak using Sn0wBreeze

UPDATE: Click Here For Easy Jailbreak Tutorials

This was the previous post:

For the time being Absinthe ios jail break for Windows has been released based on command line in which you have to run the file through DOS interface. This is a little complex method but I shall try to make it simple for you. Please follow below steps and if you are not sure then wait until new jailbreak for ipad2 and iphone4s is released that is graphical based.

Download Absinthe for Windows

Step 1: Download the Absinthe zip file and exctract it .. you’ll get a folder called “cinject_0.4.3″ rename that to “jb” and put it in your c: drive just copy the folder and paste in C partition on my computer.

Step 2: Make sure your iphone4s/ ipad2 is connected to the PC and is unlocked.

Step 3: Go to Start > Accessories > Command Prompt

Step 4: ou will see DOS console in black screen. Now in the black console type in order :

a. Type cd c:jb and press enter your prompt will look like this c:/jb>

b. Type cinject.exe -i payloads/jailbreak.mobileconfig and press enter.

Step 5: After this command is completed, you will notice a profile popped up on your iPhone saying jailbreak

Step 6: Install the profile. It then will ask for a password, type your iTunes password and add the source.

Step 7: Go back to the command prompt without doing anything different, in the command prompt:

a. Type the command cinject.exe -j payloads5 and press Enter

b. Type the command: cinject.exe -w and press enter

Step 8: Go to your iPhone/ipad settings –> General —-> Network — > VPN and turn VPN on. It will take some time and now restart your ipad or iPhone4s

Your device now will have Cydia installed and it is jailbroken untethered.