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Below is the step wise guide on how to jailbreak ios 5.1 semitethered.  Please note that this jailbreak for ios 5.1. is not compatible with iPhone 4S, ipad 2 and the new ipad that was released yesterday. If you want to jailbreak ios 5 on iphone 4S and iPad2/3 it is recommended that you keep on existing iOS 5.0.1 and refrain from updating to ios 5.1. You can jailbreak 5.0.1 using Absinthe for iPhone 4S and iPad 2. The jailbreak which you will get by following procedure is semi-tethered which means you have to apply the last steps every time you need to restart your device. Similarly if you need to unlock or you already have unlocked your device it is better to not update to ios 5.1.

For Absinthe Jailbreak Click Here to go to Absinthe section.

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Following are the steps on How To Jailbreak 5.1

Step 1: Download latest version of RedSn0w 0.9.10b6 by clicking below links:

Step 2: Extract the zip file and run the RedSn0w.exe file to start the redsn0w jailbreak process.

Step 3: There are two buttons “Extras” and “Jailbreak”, click Jailbreak to jailbreak and install Cydia

Step 4: Follow the instructions given on Next screen and put your iPhone/iPod Touch in DFU mode. Press Next.

Step 5: Follow the screen instructions to put your device in DFU mode. RedSn0w will detect iPhone and start installation of jailbreak and select “Install Cydia” when asked. (If this process does not start you can follow steps to put your device in DFU mode as instructed by clicking Next in previous step again). Close RedSn0w.

Step 6: Boot Tethered your iphone or iPod touch 4g: Restart RedSn0w by double clicking the RedSn0w.exe file.

Go to Extra option and click “Just Boot”

Your iDevice will restart and now it is jailbroken tethered.

Note: This is a tethered jailbreak and if you need to reboot your iphone you need to do step 6 each time therefore you need computer to reboot your iPod touch 4g.

If this ios 5.1 jailbreak is not working for you, you can try Sn0wbreeze ios 5.1 jailbreak software by visiting How to jailbreak ios 5.1 using SnowBreeze

The latest and new jailbreak for ios iPhone4s and iPad2, released by greenp0ison dream team is the Absinthe Version 0.3. The new version includes some bug fixes and has added Linux support. So you can now download Absinthe jailbreak and install using Windows, Mac and Linux versions of Absinthe. If your jailbroken device is working good you don’t need to try again but if your iphone4s or ipad2 is not working properly or you were unable to jailbreak due to any unexpected error you can try new version. Below are the Absinthe download links for you.

You will also need tutorials and guides for jailbreaking iphone4s or ipad2 that you can visit by clicking this LINK.

Below are the links for free download Absinthe jailbreak:


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It is very easy to jailbreak your iPad2 and iPhone4S using the new Absinthe for Windows and for Mac, just follow below steps to download and install the ios 5.0.1 jailbreak in minutes free of cost.

Your iPhone 4S should be running 5.0 or 5.0.1 and your iPad 2 should be running on ios 5.0.1.

Step 1: Download Absinthe jailbreak by clicking below links and extract on your hard disk.

Download Absinthe Jailbreak For Windows
Download Absinthe Jailbreak For Mac
Download Absinthe Jailbreak For Linux

Step 2: Open Absinthe by double clicking the file and connect your ipad2 or iPhone4s to your computer (remember to disable any pass code if you have one)

Step 3: Click the “Jailbreak” button on Absinthe screen as shown below.

Step 4: You will see the progress bar moving and different messages on the Absinthe screen, wait until the progress bar go to end. Now Absinthe is installed on your ipad2 or iphone4s.

Step 5: You will see Absinthe app installed on your iPad2 or iphone4s just tap it to open and make sure your WiFi is connected/enabled. You may have a database error due to load on Absinthe server, keep trying by closing and reopening again and again).

Step 6: Once connected some installation will be there and device will restart.

Cydia will be installed on your device and Now your ipad2 or iPhone4s is jailbroken.

Download Absinthe For Windows