How to Get the Android updates Faster

Get Android Update Faster

Everyone would have the wish to get the latest android updates faster. Nowadays almost every other person owns a smart phone with built in Android. It is not that every single person owns an android phone, but there is a large number of people out there using one. So here …

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Awesome tips for Google Play store

Google Play store is a service provided on Android platform to get countless apps in your device. There is a wide collection of applications, ranging from trending to paid, free to top apps. One can find and enjoy any app under one roof. And the best thing is it is …

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Tips for Twitter on Android

Twitter Tips

Twitter is known to be the second most popular social media networking platform after the popular application Facebook. It has over 302 million monthly activators and over 500 million tweets are sent on the app every single day. Just imagine the popularity by these statistics. There are millions of twitter …

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How to Avoid Roaming Charges

In today’s era one cannot stay separated from their smart phones even if it is for a few minutes. Smart phones are now being considered a need more than a luxury good. This is because your phone has more than you do whether it is contacts, emails, pictures, fb account …

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What are Some Smart Phone Security Tips

The technology of smart phones is so advanced these days that people are often seen concerned about the security of what their smart phone holds. Back in old days, people just used to use their phones to make calls or text messages and do very limited things through the phone, …

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