Qmobile Noir S1 Review with Features

QMobile Noir Review

Qmobile has yet again impressed its customers by introducing the new Noir S1 which has new features and different ones unlike the old sets with this price range. It is a beautiful looking hand set with sleek body and attractive shape. The phone looks delicate with 8.9mm thickness making it …

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Android kitkat Better than Android Lollipop

Android Vs Lollipop

Everybody is always looking for new updates to their android versions. Obviously the new upgrade apparently has more advanced features that can make your life easier though your smart phones. However, it is not always true that the new update is the best one. People can clearly understand the difference …

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Problems and Solutions of Android Kitkat

Android KitKat Problems

Android kitkat is version introduced by android which has taken up to 40% smart phones around the world and is continuously being the popular version around the globe. However, just like many other technological issues, the Kitkat version has been also facing problems and users can do anything to get …

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Top Tips to Be an Android Pro

Get Android Update Faster

Almost a good majority of people have an android phone in their hands; which some know how to use like an expert and some just have it for the sake of having a smart phone. You should know inside out of the device you are using to be an expert …

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Top 5 Tips for Google Chromecast

Tips for Google Chromecast

Google chromecast was released back in 2013. This stick is a big technological advancement which helps to move the content from one device to another pretty effortlessly. The Google chromecast has been the famous one among the users of every age group. You can learn several tips for Google Chromecast …

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How to Get Photosphere on Galaxy S5

Photosphere on Galaxy S5

Photosphere is an amazing application introduced by android version 4.2. It is a photo application that makes people enjoy the panoramic 360 degree feature just like they want to enjoy. Just the way nexus and iOS users enjoy apps that make pictures in to panorama style, now the android users …

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