iPhone 5 and Galaxy S3 will be waterproofed

It was rumored today that iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S III (galaxy s3) will be having a feature similar to the one called Liquipel that is a waterproof coating.  Although Liquipel is the technology which is already available in the market but they may go for a new alternative technology called HzO. Although it is a rumor but its good to feel your iphone protected against the water damage which I have suffered once when I fell down in the water at beach and my iPhone was in my pocket, it was dead.

Few weeks ago I shared one video that was showing details about the Liquipel waterproof coating which you can get on your iPhone by paying $59 and you need to give the company your mobile for atleast 2 days. Below vidoes also show you how the Liquipel water proofing works.

This video shows how does waterproof coatings protects the iPhone.

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Watch this video to understand more about Liquipel waterproof coating.

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