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FireFireFire Custom Bootloader For KindleFire

XDA senior member pokey9000 has released custom bootloader named FireFireFire for Kindle Fire, which includes more enhanced functionality as compare to the original Kindle Fire bootloader. FireFireFire is a custom bootloader originally developed by XDA Senior Memberpokey9000, which offers increased functionality over the stock bootloader in 3 ways:

  • Allows you to access recovery mode by simply pressing the power button again after the device begins to boot, thus negating the need for cumbersome button combinations.
  • Automatically enables fastboot when the device is powered on, eliminating the need for idme bootmode, special cables or the command required by the stock bootloader on every run of fastboot.
  • Use FireFireFire to repartition the devices memory and fix a bricked device when used in conjunction with ReKindle. (Be warned though thatthe method involves some AdamOutler style tinkering with the internals of your device)

For More details and Download Click below link:

FireFireFire Custom Bootloader for Kindle Fire

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