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Easy Method to Force Quit a MAC App

The problem usually faced by the users on OS X Yosemite when some applications like Safari start misbehaving and affecting the device inadequately. When it becomes difficult to quit in the standard way that’s when you will need these tips for force quit purpose. Apple has easy ways which are …

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New Unlock Available For iPhone

If you are facing errors in unlocking your iPhone even after jailbreaking it, and still you want to use another SIM i.e. other than the one  with you have contract. There is a good news for you that a new unlock is available that you can try to unlock iPhone, this new method for unlock …

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Is Your Mac Affected By Flashback Virus?

As I mentioned in one of my previous post that the Apple has released an update to fix the Flashbakc trojan problem. So it is recommended to update your Mac. Even though if you want to check whether your Mac is still infected by Flashback trojan or not just follow …

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Is My iPhone 4S / 4 / 3gs Unlock Able?

Many people want to unlock their mobile phones in order to use the alternative SIM cards, usually at the end of the initial contract period or during that time. As you are aware most of the iPhone’s are “locked” to a particular network i.e. iPhone by AT&T in the US …

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