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Google Hangout Tips
July 31st, 2015 by k Tariq

Google hangout still seems to be in process at times but it has come too far with its services. Google has mainly only Hangouts as the messaging program which anyone can use if they have web, iOS or Android. News for the smart phone users is that it can easily and efficiently manage the text messages in your smart phones. Click here to read Google Play Store Tips and and Google Chromecast. Some effective and useful tips for Google hangouts are presented below.

Very Useful Android Tips for Google Hangouts:

  • Hide private content: sometimes you do not have the phone with you in fact your smart phone is in someone else hand and if you receive a text message or viber or whats-app message it appears on the screen even if it is locked. People are not comfortable with this obviously so in order to never see this problem on Lollipop again: You need to go the settings in your phone and there go to where you see notifications and sounds. After that all you have to do is tap on the app notifications then hangouts and eventually you will see sensitive switch which you toggle as you like.
  • Snooze notifications: another tip for Google Hangouts is when you are in no mood to check the notifications you will not want to get disturbed by constant updates to your phone. For example when you go to bed, go to a cinema or go to a meeting. All you have to do is go to the main menu an there select snooze notifications. You can also choose the button that says Do not Disturb and that can be set for an hour and even for 3 days.
  • Deleting old messages: hangouts tend to automatically save the messages as another copy as it might prove to be helpful if ever needed. If you feel like deleting it yourself then it is super easy. Go to the menu press the dots you see and there all you are to do is switch off the history so that your messages get deleted after a while.
  • Send messages: when you want to send message to more than one person you can simply go the messages and start entering your circle after pressing the plus button which is in the right side.

    Google Hangout Tips

    Google Hangout Tips

  • The above tips for Google Hangouts can make a difference the way you use it on your device. Hope it helps everyone!

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how to clean smartphone
July 30th, 2015 by k Tariq

one the most used things in our daily lives is our smart phone which we use almost every minute to make calls, send messages, take pictures, browse and what not. In all this heavy usage our phones get dirty and it is always not that easy to clean an electronic device. Water is not at all a friendly cleaner as it might damage your phone. Clean your smart phone easily through these tips.

How to Clean your Smart Phone Easily:

how to clean smartphone

how to clean smartphone

1) How to Clean Smartphone Screen:

The screen of your smart phone is likely to be used the most with many dirty spots and finger prints making it look untidy. Some phones come with a microfiber cloth which is the best material to be used on the touch screen.

Using water can be effective if used in the proper way. Fill water in a spray bottle and spray the water on the screen and clean it with the microfiber cloth. make sure you turn off your phone before using water spray on the screen.

2)How to clean Body of Smartphone:

it greatly depends on what type of body is of your smart phone to know how to clean your smart phone easily. you can use a toothpick to clean the dirt particles from the speakers. Also, use a solution of 50% water with 50% vinegar. Apply it on the cotton bud and gently clean all the parts of your phone.

3) make sure you do not use household mixtures and solutions to clean your phone. Leather back of a phone obviously needs different solutions to clean it. Avoid using harsh cloth on the screen or the body to prevent unwanted lines and scratches.

4) maintenance of smartphone:

instead of cleaning your phone after it is full of dirt, it is wiser to keep it clean all the time. change your phone’s protector after some time and make it a habit. Also keep your phone in neutral temperatures to keep up with the maintenance.

5) Avoid using your phone while you are eating to avoid the sticky finger print mess which looks quite ugly on the screen. wash your hands if they are dirty before you touch your phone. These are a few useful tips to clean your smart phone easily.

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LG G4 Problems
July 29th, 2015 by k Tariq

LG’s very own introduction of the new hand set g4 made many sales and many people loved the phone. however at first the smart phone works perfectly fine but later on the users are likely to face some problems regarding the handset. here you can get the solutions to the problems of LG g4. Although the phone is really good but later at some stage users often complain about its performance.

Best Solutions to the problems of LG G4:

LG G4 Problems

LG G4 Problems

1) Touch screen problem

As smart phones keypads are used pretty much it has caused discomfort to the users due to slow performance.

For that the users should follow these steps. you are to improve the keyboard by going to its settings and then taping on general settings. after that go to about phone and then select general center.  finally give a tap to App update and there you go. this will almost solve the problem.

2) you might also face the problem of unresponsive touch screen due to the protector on your phone’s screen. improper application is another cause that might slower down the touch system. Also, avoid using thick phone protectors to have a better touch experience.

3) Lag problem in LG G4:

Apart from the unresponsive screen the LG g4 might also causing lagging issues to the users. Although the smart phone is a powerful one but this problem has come into notice several times adding to the problems and the solutions to the problems of LG g4.

Sometimes the user might have no idea about what is happening inside their LG g4. This is because people usually have knowledge of their phones on the surface level however you can reach the root level to solve a problem.

Go to google play store and install Greenify application. This app will help you find out what exactly is running on your LG g4 without your notice. so now you know what to do next. Uninstall the unwanted apps to save your LG g4 from lag.

4) LED of LG G4:

Another common problem is that the LED of LG g4 happens to flash without any reason. either you can disable it or go to the clock app and undo the alarms. Turn off the phone’s screen

5) heat up issue in LG G4:

Your LG g4 might start heating up. know that this is the time to check your apps and uninstall the culprit app. Also avoid putting up thick cases on your phone to prevent it from heating up.

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Nexus 5 Tips
July 28th, 2015 by k Tariq

Right when Nexus 5 was launched it created hype in the market and turned to be quite famous. The smart phone has all the advanced features needed in a good technological phone with extra facilities and updates as well. Some people who aren’t familiar with the inside of the phone often get uncomfortable after buying it. So here are some tips for Nexus 5 users to enjoy the phone to the fullest.

Cool tips for Nexus 5 users:

  1. The Nexus phone has noticeable issues with the camera and people often get disappointed really quick. The snaps hardly come out to be extra good and of high quality. There is a tip that you need to follow by going to the camera settings and changing the default settings to HDR+. This will make your photos better than before with good color and contrast. But obviously, you will not want to drain your battery by using the mode all the time.
  2. Nexus is not a phone with good battery lifetime so this tip can really get you going. The brightness of your can be adjusted according to the outside light to save battery to the fullest. You can install an application called BrightTime on your phone. BrightTime is a wonderful app that will work perfectly on Nexus 5 and save your battery through managing brightness.Nexus 5 Tips
  3. Nexus user can swiftly capture pictures when they are making a video. This is a fantastic feature for the people to do two things at one time on one device just through a tap of their finger. Yes you only need to touch the screen and the picture will be saved on your Nexus 5 automatically.
  4. Another simple tip for Nexus 5 users is about the Maps. You can swipe the window from the bottom in Google Maps and can easily get the contact, location and other details.

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July 28th, 2015 by k Tariq

Whatsapp is by far the most popular instant messaging application. This application has users of every age, all you need is a smart phone and there, you can install whatsapp in minutes. However many users face different problems regarding the application. Some common problems faced by whatsapp users are mentioned here along with the solutions. Click here to read tips for Google Play Store.

Some Problems Faced by Whatsapp users and Solutions:

Why can’t you install whatsapp? You should have at least an android version of 2.1 in order to install whatsapp. To check the version you can go to the settings and select About Phone to check your android version. Also some people install whatsapp from the whatsapp website. Make sure you have enabled unknown resources option in the security settings of your android device. Problems connecting Whatsapp Another problem faced by Whatsapp users is connecting to the application. This can be due to several reasons which you will have to check to solve the problem.

  • Keep latest version installed of whatsapp or update the existing one.
  • Always check your wifi connection if you are unable to send a message. Go to the settings and then wifi where you can see where you are connected currently. There might be limited access of your internet causing the problem. For that call your internet company for guidance.
  • Easiest and shortest way is to simply uninstall whatsapp and then reinstall it and see if it works. This tip works for most of the problems. Long click on the application to uninstall it and then to Google play store to re install it again.Whatsapp problem

Problems recognizing contacts Many people who use whatsapp face this issue. Your whatsapp account might not recognize your contacts stored in your phone making it inconvenient for you to connect to your friends.

  • If your account is not recognizing a specific number make sure the person has whatsapp on their phone.
  • Also sometimes you might have entered a wrong phone number to your contacts so recheck it to ensure the problem.
  • Another thing which you can do is to go to your contact list and check if your contacts are in the visible category.

Blocking someone Another problem faced by whatsapp users is blocking the contacts they do not wish to see again. You need to restart your smart phone and start again. Open up the application and then click on the contact you don’t wish to see. After that you will see 3 dots on the upper right corner, tap that and select more. There you will tap the block button to complete the task. You can unblock someone the same way, just follow the instructions.

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Get Android Update Faster
July 14th, 2015 by k Tariq

Almost a good majority of people have an android phone in their hands; which some know how to use like an expert and some just have it for the sake of having a smart phone. You should know inside out of the device you are using to be an expert in using it. The ease you will feel then is unexplained. Android users should know more about what can make their phone even better and what they need to learn. These are a few top tips to be an android pro. Read what are the Tips for Twitter on Android.


Top Tips to Be an Android Pro:

  • Link up A pro would link and connect their smart phone to everything possible. You should be able to use your device or PC for the similar things; you never know when you might need to. Whether it’s sending emails or SMS on PC, answering whatsapp messages or sharing files and folders between the devices. All you need to do is install Pushbullet app in your devices to make your life easier. Install it in your phone as well as your PC, this is something expected to be done by an android expert. You keep both the device in use according to your convenience. Try it!
  • What is more to top tips to be an android pro? Become pro to your audio experience Almost all the smart phones lack the perfect sound of music in the speakers, no matter how expensive your earphones are or how good are the Bluetooth speakers. The sound quality always lacks the richness and smoothness in the audio. Go to the audio settings, and tap equalizer. Now control your music quality by managing the EQ settings. For example if you like more bass in the music then the EQ should be around 60-200 Hz.
  • An android pro usually would not need to go the browser to open their favorite website. In fact they pin down it to the home screen as a short cut and then it is just a click away for them.
  • Also, apps which are pre installed and you never need to use can be deleted too as it is simply taking up space and memory in your phone. Uninstall the apps or deactivate them. If they cannot be deleted then you can have better access rooting the device.
  • Hope you have learned the top tips to be an android pro successfully, good luck with it!

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Tips for Google Chromecast
July 14th, 2015 by k Tariq

Google chromecast was released back in 2013. This stick is a big technological advancement which helps to move the content from one device to another pretty effortlessly. The Google chromecast has been the famous one among the users of every age group. You can learn several tips for Google Chromecast here.

 Tips for Google Chromecast:

  1. There is guest mode which is offered in the stick which enables your friends to send content as well. Moreover to get connected with the same stick, the other person should be enabled on the same wifi as well. Go to the menu of Google chromecast and there select devices. After that you are required to go to the cog icon and there finally select the guest mode. The guest mode is still not working on all the devices with iOS. Once you turn the switch to On on the menu, you will now connect other guests to your stick through a PIN code provided.
  2. When your Google chromecast is not in use you will see several different changing wallpapers on the screen which is extracted from several sources. In case you like a certain picture for a wallpaper open up the Google searches and get the same picture on the wallpapers.
  3. Another Google chromecast tip is to set the pictures from your own selection. It often happens that you may not like any wallpaper from the outer resources. Go to the devices option and after that cog icon. Again, click the background and there you will swipe the switch on button to the position of ON for the personal pictures.Tips for Google Chromecast
  4. To avoid any confusion, it is advised to form a separate folder album on your Google account for Google chromecast.
  5. You can also enjoy many android apps on the Google Chromecast. Simply when you search look for the Chromecast icon somewhere around to be sure if the app is compatible.
  6. Although, Google Chromecast is a smooth app, but it may misbehave you never know. To overcome this problem you can reset your Google chromecast to get the things in proper shape again. These are a few tips for your Google Chromecast that will help you through it.

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Prevent Access Data
July 13th, 2015 by k Tariq

Mobile data is nowadays an essential need of every person owning a smart phone. People are not likely to be always near wifi connections therefore there is an increasing trend of mobile data usage around the globe and the cost varies from user to user. Nowadays there are a number of packages of mobile internet but most users complain about extra MBs being used without their knowledge. You have opened the right door to learn how to prevent Phone from consuming excess mobile data. Don’t forget to read Smartphone security tips.

How to Prevent Phone From Consuming Excess Mobile Data

  1. Chrome pages compressing Have you heard about data saver on Chrome? You can use this great facility to save your mobile data from getting wasted on unwanted data. If you use Chrome for most of your internet browsing purposes then you should compress the pages in order to save the mobile internet data. This method can help you save up to 35% of your mobile data and costing you must less than you can think of. And the little delay in browsing is worth it. Launch Chrome, then when you see the vertical three dots in the right corner, click on them right away. Then go to the settings and there you can tap Data Saver.
  2. Avoid using Facebook app When you find yourself asking how to prevent phone from consuming excess mobile data, a number of problem generating things list down in your mind. One of them is Facebook official application. It literally eats up the mobile data and for that you have an alternative of tinfoil for Facebook. This is a web application which will display your Facebook website. And help you save a good amount of internet MBs which you can enjoy for a longer period of time.Prevent Access Data
  3. Background Data Always go to the settings of the apps you use and restrict the data at the background to prevent excess consumption of your mobile internet data. Activities running at the back include; syncing, automatic widgets update, feeds updates and many more.
  4. Say no to auto-updating There is another hungry app that eats up the mobile data without you being aware of it. That is Google play store. Go to the settings and disable auto-updating of the applications in your smart phone. This will always ask for your permission next time it has any updates helping you know about what is going on in your smart phone.
  5. Also try to keep music in your phone instead of streaming it always from different applications to save data usage.

These are a few methods to know how to prevent phone from consuming excess mobile data, which will certainly guide you to cost cutting techniques.

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FaceBook Pro Tips
July 11th, 2015 by k Tariq

Facebook is the first most popular social networking site in this world with over 1.44 billion people of all age groups. This is a free app which works on every software and can be opened through browser as well. Although, you use it thoroughly but you may still have not explored the Facebook app properly. You can learn a lot by these tips for Facebook pro.

Best Tips to make you Facebook Pro:FaceBook Pro Tips

  1. On your smart phone you can get a widget short cut on your home screen to access your face-book account even more easily. Without having to see any unwanted ads you will only see the posts and statutes uploaded by your friends. You can upload your status instantly through the widget as well.
  2. Another good tip for facebook is to manage the notifications how you wish. Too much alerts and notifications can become disturbing and unwanted. You can customize the settings and enjoy the app without getting bothered. It is super easy and fast to enable the notifications or disable them for friend requests, event invites, messages, photo tags and comments.
  3. Once you are a facebook app user it gets very easy to explore the places near your location like restaurants, parks and hotels. These places also tend to have their own facebook pages.
  4. You can also customize your newsfeed and not settle with the standard one by editing it from the main menu.
  5. If you see an interesting thing on the web you will always see share to facebook button. Select it and share it with anyone you like on you facebook app, and write down a caption for it too.
  6. Obviously, when you are on Data usage you will not want unnecessary videos to play automatically. Facebook gives you the option to enable or disable the auto video play mode.

These were a few tips for Facebook users out there. Follow these tricks to enjoy the app even more than before.

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July 11th, 2015 by k Tariq

Google Play store is a service provided on Android platform to get countless apps in your device. There is a wide collection of applications, ranging from trending to paid, free to top apps. One can find and enjoy any app under one roof. And the best thing is it is very easy to use. It provides the users good knowledge about the app before they install it.

Awesome Tips for Google Play Store:

Some excellent tip for Google Play store are mentioned below:

  1. There are some apps which are not available in some countries. Also some apps are cheaper in other countries. This tip for Google Play store will help you get these apps. For this install any VPN like shellfire or hide-ninja to hide your IP address and take another address of a different country, you can choose from the list. Get to the VPN of the country you want the play store and run it. It will eventually start on play store of the country’s homepage you selected.
  2. You can easily go to the settings of Google play store and manage your account. Try giving nick names to your devices listed on your account. Also this tip for Google play store can be enjoyed when you search the setting from the brows2.
  3. In today’s world, even little children tend to have android phones. This tip for Google play store is for the parents as they can put up a parental control on the app. Go to the menu after that click on settings and there you will find the option of parental control. Turn it on. You will have to create a lock in pin mode and select the apps you want to restrict or all.
  4. Google play store users can also refund when they pay for a certain app. You can get the money you paid back after clicking on the refund button next to the apps install and open now options.

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