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Downgrade iOS 11.0.1 to iOS 10.3.3 – Guide

how to down grade ios 11 to 10.3.3

How to downgrade iOS 11 to iOS 10.3.3. Step 1: Download the iOS 10.3.3 ipsw files from the links given below: Download iOS 10.3.3 for iPhone Download iOS 10.3.3 for iPads Download iOS 10.3.3 for iPod Touch Step 2: Make sure your computer is having latest version of iTunes. If …

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iOS 11 Bluetooth Problem & its Solutions

ios 11 bluetooth connectivity problem

After the release of iOS 11 we have seen millions of users have upgraded to enjoy its new features. Although Apple has tested the beta versions on many many devices but when it comes the matter of installing on millions of devices there are always possibility of bugs and errors …

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Very Useful Android Tips for Google Hangouts

Google Hangout Tips

Google hangout still seems to be in process at times but it has come too far with its services. Google has mainly only Hangouts as the messaging program which anyone can use if they have web, iOS or Android. News for the smart phone users is that it can easily …

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How to Clean your Smart Phone Easily

how to clean smartphone

one the most used things in our daily lives is our smart phone which we use almost every minute to make calls, send messages, take pictures, browse and what not. In all this heavy usage our phones get dirty and it is always not that easy to clean an electronic …

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Best Solutions to the problems of LG G4

LG G4 Problems

LG’s very own introduction of the new hand set g4 made many sales and many people loved the phone. however at first the smart phone works perfectly fine but later on the users are likely to face some problems regarding the handset. here you can get the solutions to the …

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Cool tips for Nexus 5 users

Nexus 5 Tips

Right when Nexus 5 was launched it created hype in the market and turned to be quite famous. The smart phone has all the advanced features needed in a good technological phone with extra facilities and updates as well. Some people who aren’t familiar with the inside of the phone …

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Some Problems Faced by Whatsapp users and Solutions


Whatsapp is by far the most popular instant messaging application. This application has users of every age, all you need is a smart phone and there, you can install whatsapp in minutes. However many users face different problems regarding the application. Some common problems faced by whatsapp users are mentioned …

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