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May 5th, 2012 by Muz Khan

S Voice is the new feature provided in the latest Samsung Galaxy SIII, You can say that S Voice is a clone to the Siri a feature in iPhone 4S.  S Voice works in the same way the Siri works like searching a term on internet, providing weather information, dialing a number etc. There are some additional features in S Voice which I believe Apple will counter in next generation iPhone 6 and new iOS 6.

Few features of S Voice include:

  • Play a Song and change tracks
  • Search
  • Volume Control
  • Open apps
  • Snooze An Alarm
  • SMS and Email
  • Launch Camera
  • Take Photo

Watch Below Video For S Voice in Action.

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May 1st, 2012 by Muz Khan

Watch below short concept video showing the behavior of Siri in case if someone inserts wrong password. The idea is not bad but what if someone forgets his password and tries again and again …. Hahah

The idea is not BAD at all:

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April 30th, 2012 by Muz Khan

Siri For Dummies

I am using iPhone 4S the day it was available and I can say that I am utilizing the Siri upto 1 or 2 percent of its actual potentials. Same may be the situation with you. Now you can read this small book with the title “Siri For Dummies” released by Marc Saltzman for understanding and utilizing the Siri functions and Siri secrets.

What could be cooler than asking your iPhone 4S questions and having it reply? This handy little book shows you all the cool things Siri can do for you, so you can get the most from your iPhone’s voice-activated personal assistant. Let Siri read you your messages, locate facts, direct you to the nearest sushi bar, and so much more!

Click Here to get the book “Siri For Dummies

Siri Book Highlights:

  • Shows you how to use Siri to keep your calendar, remind you of appointments, and check your messages
  • Explains using Siri to get directions, play your favorite music, make phone calls, search the web, and even provide the weather report
  • Offers helpful tips on how to use your voice to write an e-mail, create a text, add a note, and more with Siri and the iPad’s new Voice Dictation feature
  • Explores some fun things to ask Siri and reveals some surprise Siri secrets

siri for dummies

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April 8th, 2012 by Muz Khan

This is the case many time that you are telling Siri to dial a name but it is not recognizing it properly and giving unusual results. Sometimes you may need to twist the actual contact name so that the pronunciation is understandable to Siri or Voice Control and it can find the correct contact from your contact list. Here I am giving you the very simple way you can tell Siri and Voice Control the alternative phonetic name of your choice for your contacts or you can add nicknames also for contacts.

Below are the steps to Make Siri Recognize Uncommon And Difficult Contact Names:

1. Open the contact you want  to modify.

2. Click Edit

How To Make Siri Recognize Uncommon And Difficult Contact Names

3. Scroll down to find “Add Field”

How To Make Siri Recognize Uncommon And Difficult Contact Names 1

4. Tap the “Phonetic First Name”

How To Make Siri Recognize Uncommon And Difficult Contact Names

5. Give the name of your Choice and  tap Done.

How To Make Siri Recognize Uncommon And Difficult Contact Names

6. Similarly you can give the nick name for each contact if you want to be used by Siri for easy recognition.

How To Make Siri Recognize Uncommon And Difficult Contact Names

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March 9th, 2012 by Muz Khan

In one of my previous post I explained that i4Siri is almost ready for release and it will fulfill the demand of iPhone 3gs, iPhone 4, iPad 1 users if they want to run the Siri on their devices. Today i4Siri was finally released for all the users which was previously available for the people who were donating for i4Siri project. The following was stated on the i4Siri Blog

With that, I am happy to say, we will NOT be removing any API access. Limitations will be enforced however. We will be releasing advanced profile management tools, so you can see you usage stats, favorite sayings, and other cool stuff. All of this helps us build a better i4Siri, and helps us give you a better experience.

Below are the steps about How to get i4Siri on non A5 devices

Your device must be jailbroken and running 5.0 or 5.0.1 or 5.1. i4Siri is compatible for iphone4, iphone 3gs, iPad 1, iPad 2 and iPod Touch 4G

1. First you have to install Spire (an installer for Siri) by going to Cydia and searching for Spire. You need to connect to WiFi except on iphone4. The device will reboot after install.

During install you may face errors like “Failed removing file at path: this is due to server error and you can try again. Scroll down and tap Restart Springboard.

2. Now go to Settings –> General –> Siri and turn Siri on.

3. Now go to Settings –> Spire —> input: or in the proxy URL

4. Now go to on you iPhone/ipad/ipod safari and install the certificate.

5. Activate the Siri again and now you can make a siri request!

There are some errors due to load on server, which I will update on regular basis therefore keep visiting.

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February 28th, 2012 by Muz Khan

Evi is the new app that you can say is a British rival to the Siri. If you are an iphone ipod or ipad user you are aware of features of Siri which is a personal talking assistant, a big hit, provided in iPhone 4S and iPad 2 running iOS 5. Why I am writing Evi vs Siri because after  few weeks of release Evi has gained much attention from the iPhone users and almost half a million downloads have been recorded during three weeks of release of Evi.

Due to huge popularity of the Evi app it is also reported that apple is going to remove the Evi from App store (not sure). True Knowledge CEO William Tunstall-Pedoe was called and informed about this issue from Apple as reported by TechCrunch.

Some of the Evi Features include:

  • Evi works both for iOS and Android operating systems
  • Evi is smarter than a search engine it gives hyperlinks related to the question asked and you can open directly in the browser
  • Evi has collection of 635 million facts about 28 million things (updating regularly)
  • Evi is updated continuously by its creators by scouring Wikipedia and yellow pages etc.
  • Evi can hold millions of simultaneous conversations
  • Evi has impressed british users since it recognizes their regional accent
  • You can make voice or text input and can chat to Evi in simple English
  • Provides local information for UK and USA i.e shopping, dining and news etc.
  • Evi recognizes your location and provides local information

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February 27th, 2012 by Muz Khan

Many visitor to my blog are saying that is fake and fraud and not working, but many have already confirmed that is working perfectly especially on siriport on iphone 3gs, they were having problem in the beginning but it was connected later.

We are not aware of what is the intention behind this release of siriport but I believe the port is genuine and may be due to lack of funds they are unable to upgrade their server to entertain all commands. I have not found any  suspension in my account or other information like people are saying they will steal some secret information from our device. I installed siriport using and activated siriport certificate and it was running OK which later on never connected but again since many visitors to my blog and my YouTube Channel are commenting that it is working good.

If it is not working on your iphone, ipad or ipod touch please wait for few days there is a good news that the i4Siri is going to be released very soon which will enable all of us to use Siri like on iPhone 4S. Please keep visiting my site so that I can share with you the best stuff. Also share with other contacts and don’t forget to donate to the i4Siri project.

If you want to try Siriport you can visit this guide for siriport install and siriport certificate  download. Your idevice should be jailbroken to install and run certificate and siriport.rep source.

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February 15th, 2012 by Muz Khan

Download Sara from to get Siri on your device. If you wanted to run Siri on your iPhone 4, 3gs, ipod touch or iPad1 and you tried all tweaks and tricks to get Siri on iphone but unable to get Siri. Don’t worry here comes an other app called Sara which will fulfill your demand of Siri on iphone or Siri on ipod touch. Sara is an app similar  to the Siri that can run on any ios device like iphone 3gs, 4, ipod touch 3g/4g and ipad 1.

Your device should be Jailbroken in order to get Sara on your iphone ipod or ipad. If not visit this tutorial to jailbreak.

The installation of the Sara is very simple and easy, you have to install the source and run Sara from Sources to complete installation.

Visit this post about How to install source in Cydia.

Use the address when asked about source and tap “Add Source”

Now go back to Sources and tap and install Sara.

Sara icon will be available on your Springboard.

Run it and enjoy.

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February 8th, 2012 by Muz Khan

i4Siri beta is working well and is available to doners, we hope that completed i4siri will be released for free very soon. i4siri can work on 3G data network. The new i4siri supports iphone 3gs, iPad 2, iPhone 4, and iPod Touch 4G. Watch below video for more.

You can visit i4Siri to try the beta version which is working only you need to donate more than 1$ and that it.

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February 6th, 2012 by Muz Khan

Here I am explaining how to activate Siri on iphone 4 after applying Siri port on a jailbroken iPhone 4. Few days back I posted tutorials for installing and downloading certificate and installing siri resources using  Many people have completed the installation process for siriport and siri certificate but unable to activate Siri on iphone 4, ipod touch or iphone 3gs. Some times siriport is not installed properly and some steps are missing therefore I suggest you to re visit this guide and recheck. If you have installed siriport properly the Siri option will be available in settings menu.

You can activate siri on iphone 4 by going to Settings —-> General —-> Siri —> On.  After this you also need to activate the location service by going to Settings —-> Location Services —> Siri—-> On.  

To run the Siri you don’t need to tap an icon actually it is running in background, only you need to hold down the Home button for a while or raise the iphone to your ear height and speak.



Sometimes these options are changed so you can try this combination. Go to Settings —-General —-International —-Voice Control, there you will find two sections Siri and Voice Dial Only. Select Siri for your language and Siri is set to work.


You will also need to activate Siri in location services go to Settings —-> Location Services —–> Scroll down to Siri and turn it ON

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