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Galaxy s6 vs iPhone 6 vs LG G4
June 28th, 2015 by Muz Khan

In a recent test done by Tom’s Guide Samsung Galaxy S6 has been awarded the number one position with respect to the performance as compared to LG G4, Apple iPhone 6, and several other popular smartphones.

The study was done through a series of performance tests. Smartphones were tested using a variety of methods that include:

  • PDF Load Time
  • Camera Open Time
  • Gaming Performance
  • Video Editing
  • Geekbench
  • Basemark OSII System
  • Basemark OSII Memory
  • 3DMark Ice Storm Unlimited
  • Wi-Fi Speed.

On a whole Samsung Galaxy S6 was the fastest device, followed by the LG G4, then the iPhone 6.

With its homegrown Exynos 7420 CPU, DDR4 memory and speedy UFS storage, the Samsung Galaxy S6 is the fastest phone you can buy right now. In both real-world tests and synthetic benchmarks, the S6 finished first in 6 out of 9 tests, and it never finished lower than third in the other three. So for those who need the best performance, your search ends at Samsung.

Have a look on below given chart and videos.


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Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge
June 27th, 2015 by Amir Ali

Samsung Galaxy S6 edge is the world’s first invention that has dual sides. Samsung has launched this mobile phone recently and its popularity is touching the sky around the globe. Its design is so unique that one cannot stop looking at it in amazement. In short, it’s the best looking phone made by Samsung so far. The main feature that has made it famous is the curve on both sides of the phone, which of course the name makes it quite obvious.

The good thing in Samsung Galaxy S6 edge is that they have managed to finish the product in a very fine way. The size of the screen is 5.1 inches but the handset is built in such a sophisticated way that it looks no bigger than an Apple 4.7 inch iPhone 6! This makes it handy and people with small hands can also get access to all areas of the phone quite smoothly. The material used around the edges is aluminum alloy which gives it a bold and strong finish.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Features and Reviews:

Samsung Galaxy S6 edge has the same camera as Samsung Galaxy s6 that is 16 megapixels. Exynos octa-core processer and 1440p ultra-HD screen are two other features that both the Samsung handsets share.
If you want to know a setback in the design then it is the soft keys as they can be pressed accidentally. There is very tiny space between them which gets a little frustrating at times. Other than that it comes with high price, you have to spend lump sum amount of money to enjoy the handset. Also, an addition to the not-so-likeable design is that it has disappointing battery life and battery is not swappable.Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge
Over all Samsung Galaxy s6 edge is a big hit, as it is an unusual elegant handset that has entered the market after a very long time. It’s a mobile phone that is full of beauty, brains and magnificence.

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Apple ios 8 vs. Kitkat
June 16th, 2015 by Amir Ali

Our iOS 8 vs Android 4.4 KitKat comparison review analyses new features for each new operating system. We take a deeper look at the new features for iOS 8 and compare them to Android KitKat equivalents. Who has the best new mobile operating system: Apple or Google?
iOS 8 introduces iCloud Drive, Hey Siri looks set to make the iPad and iPhone an active assistant, Health Kit and Home Kit plus extensions could be a real game changer though google kitkat has many of the same features as ios 8

Apple iOS 8 vs Android kitkat – The Main Differences

Apple iOS 8 and Android 4.4 KitKat are both new mobile operating heavyweights. Our iOS 8 vs KitKat comparison review takes a close look at each new operating system.

Interactive Notifications are the big new deal in iOS 8. In iOS the Notifications are designed to spur new kinds of behaviors You can now reply to emails or messages from Notifications.Android KitKat also has interactive notifications, but they’re not as powerful because they require you to quit what you’re already doing to respond to the notification. Although Android announced this feature first, Apple has a better implementation.

while looking at android vs. ios 8, another big new feature from Apple is the presence of the new Quick Type keyboard. Quick Type enables you to tap on words suggestions as you type. It bases guesses for the next word based upon your past conversations. Apple’s Quick Type keyboard will even type into account the app you are using, and will make different suggestions in Messages than in Mail. Click here to watch iOS 8.4 jailbreaking video.Apple ios 8 vs. Kitkat

Apple’s big new cloud service is iCloud Drive. With iCloud Drive, you save, and access files directly to a folder on your Mac’s hard drive. The files stored in iCloud Drive are then accessible inside iCloud Drive-compatible apps.It’s hardly a unique feature, however, and Google has Google Drive (not to mention Dropbox, One Drive, and all the other similar cloud services).

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notification (1)
June 13th, 2015 by Amir Ali

First use of Lolipop involves frequent step-by-step start-up wizards pointing out new features, along with pop-out balloons telling you where things are and how they work. It gets baffling very quickly, even for those who have minds that easily take-in such information, and makes for a stuttered introduction process because you’re frequently held-up going to where you want to be – the equivalent of walking down the high street and being accosted by survey takers and chuggers. Apple offers gentle training with the Tips app, new to iOS 8 and which pops up weekly notifications, but other than a handful of very brief clues here and there, the whole raison d’etre of iOS is not to require instructions. To paraphrase Steve Jobs when he was talking of styluses on touchscreens: if your OS or apps require instructions then you’ve blown it.

Lollipop: Android  VS iOS 8:

The look and feel of iOS 8, and introduced with iOS 7, is infamously Marmite – people love it or hate it. Although dangerously close to being ideological in its push for flatness, few would argue that the look and feel introduced with iOS 7 wasn’t bold – and boldness is what Apple does best.

Read Also:

iOS 8 introduced widgets to Notification Center. These provide quick access to various app functions – everything from seeing the latest news headlines to quickly creating and viewing notes, provided you have the right apps installed. It works well so long as you frequently use Notification Center (I don’t). Lollipop continues Android’s ability to add widgets to the launcher alongside app icons if there’s space, or letting you add widgets to launcher pages of their own. Arguably, this is a superior approach and certainly more intuitive – the ability to wake your phone and then view vital information provided by a widget, before you tap a nearby app icon, is simply more efficient. 

notification (1)

Notifications appear at the top of the screen within Lollipop, much like in iOS, and some have buttons that let you switch to the app for certain features (such as replying for emails). Dragging down from the top of the screen reveals the notification center on both operating systems, although with Lollipop you can continue dragging to access the Control Center, which is virtually identical to that in iOS. It even includes a new Flashlight option if your device has an LED flash.

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June 10th, 2015 by Amir Ali

The way that both the Apple Photos and Google Photos apps organize your photos is very similar. Apple organizes your photo library using smart groups based on time and location called “Moments”, “Collections” and “Years”. While the two apps may look similar, Google Photos takes a different approach to photo organisation. The when you view photos in Apple’s app you will see them categorized by date and location, but location really takes precedence to date. The Google app displays photos so you can clearly see which day they were taken – the date just stands out on the interface more than it does on the Apple Photos app.




Apple also has a search feature within its Photos app and while this also works well, it’s limited to locations and dates – not very helpful if you can’t remember where or when the photo was taken.

Apple Photos vs Google Photos: Editing

Let’s move onto another important aspect of any app that handles photos – editing. More specifically, photo editing. Google offers various editing tools to help spruce up your photos, including the standard “auto enhance” and a number of Instagram filters for those of you that use them. It also offers tools to tweak the light, color, ‘pop’ (sharpness) and vignette, however these are applied using sliders and offer no manual input. Apple offers auto enhancement, filters and controls over color and light but takes it a step further than Google

Apple Photos vs Google Photos: Sharing

Apple also offers iCloud Photo Sharing via shared folders within the Photos app. You simply create a folder and add the email address of the person(s) you want to share the album with. Once created and shared, all members will be sent a notification whenever new photos are added, the main thing that sets Apple Photos aside from Google Photos. Google Photos backs up your entire library to its servers, offering you unlimited space for free.
If you choose to share images with someone that person doesn’t need the Google Photos app, as the photos are accessible via web browser. The person in question can browse the photos and save them to either their device or Google Photos stream. If you want to revoke access to a link, simply delete it from the “Shared Links” menu from within the Google Photos app.

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June 9th, 2015 by Amir Ali

The new Samsung galaxy s6 has been criticized for its battery life. The battery life of Samsung Galaxy S6 is less as compared to Samsung galaxy S5, from 2800 mah to 2550 mah. There is no doubt that the battery life of Samsung Galaxy S6 is inferior to Galaxy S5. People do manage with this new device but in order to go through a full day they need an external device to keep their phone charged.

The phone comes with two power saving modes, the standard power saving mode disables the background data and app usage. And the second one is the ultra power saving mode, turning that on turn your phone grey scale and only six selected apps can be used.


Battery Life of Samsung Galaxy S6 – Reviews:

Battery life of Samsung galaxy S6

It’s true that the phone is very power hungry; this should also be noted that the device no longer has the option to switch batteries. If you are not fond of using your phone that much only then you might make it through the day, but now a day’s everyone uses their phone for pretty much everything, and a device like Samsung galaxy S6 which comes with uncountable possibilities, and one thing that stops you from enjoying your device is the battery life, that might give up on you even if you’re not ready to give up on your device. click here to read full Samsung Galaxy S6 Features and specifications.

This device charges are super fast speed when charged with the compatible fast charger the one that comes in the box, in about 15-20 minutes you have 40% battery charged. This gives you literally 3-4 hours of battery life. The phone reaches 100% from 0% in about one hour and 20 minutes, which is quite impressive as compared to other devices. Battery life of Samsung Galaxy S6 is comparatively better than the other such smartphones.

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June 6th, 2015 by Amir Ali

Samsung has done it again, in their new commercial with the tag line “six is better than six”. In this new ad commercial they highlight some new feature of the new Samsung galaxy S6 and Samsung galaxy S6 EDGE, like wireless charging, a wider lens for those selfies, and the curved screen which displays notifications and tells time. Samsung Galaxy S6 Features are highlighted in the commercial ad actually.

Their direct aim was for those iPhone users, to make them believe that this new Samsung device is better than the iPhone, as iPhone does not even have the wireless charging. Moving on it shows that how the Samsung’s new “six” device fits everyone into the picture “selfies” but the iPhone 6 camera cuts off one person.


Samsung Galaxy S6 Features and Specifications:

Samsung new commercial then shows that the curved edge shows different colors for your favorite contact but the iPhone? The iPhone vibrates also that when the phone is lying face down on a table the curve displays unlimited things, the weather, notifications from twitter, email, news , sports and texts, while the other device (referring to iPhone 6) has buttons on its edge. These are the basics Samsung Galaxy S6 Features and functionalities.Samsung-Galaxy-S4-spec

Samsung in their new commercial are just trying to show off the fact that they have finally made a device that can stand up to being an equal rival to iPhone, in terms of design, built quality and the materials used to make the device. If you hold the device the first thing you probably notice is the flat aluminum edge and the gorilla glass back.

The plastic removable back from the s5 has not been used in this device which is a good thing. If you are planning to change your mobile phone then Samsung galaxy S6 features will surely attract you.
One might point out a few similarities between the two devices that, they both have the charging port, the 3.5mm jack and a single speaker on the bottom. The position of the home button is very close, almost identical.

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June 5th, 2015 by Amir Ali
  1. Find out what application is using up the battery, go to setting and then to battery and see what is taking up all the juice. If you come across and app then you don’t use, or rarely use uninstall it or disable it to save your battery. This is the best tip to increase android battery life.
  2. With all these new setting like LTE, GPS, NFC ,Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, turn these off when not in use, as all they will do is take up battery. Android allowed the use of such apps specially the location based applications to run in the background and without even make through one fourth of the day you are already worried about the battery. GPS is the known battery draining machine.
  3. The new handsets now come on with this feature mostly called the save power mode. Using this feature or turning it on, might give you and extra hour or this only limits the phone to text messages, calls.increase android battery
  4. Stop most apps from running in the background until and unless it isn’t absolutely important. Go to settings and turn off all those apps that have no need to be running in the background and draining your battery. This will help you to increase android phone battery life.
  5. Hidden battery draining apps such as those useless widgets and live wallpapers, they might be sitting inactive but they are definitely hogging your battery so avoid them to improve android battery life.
  6. Turning down the brightness at night time saves up android battery
  7. Always update your apps, as some updates include mechanisms to allow that app to work with using less power, so always keep them updated. Updated apps are optimized and useful to increase android battery
  8. Sometimes when you are in an area where the signals are poor, or almost nil, try turning your ph to airplane mode, as you can’t already use it to make calls or anything cellular so in order to increase battery life turn it off or switch to airplane mode.

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Galaxy S6 Edge vs iPhone 6
June 5th, 2015 by Muz Khan

Below we have given two video ads which Samsung has aired in which they are touting the Galaxy S6 over the iPhone 6.

In addition to other comments ads say, “When you do the math it’s clear – 6 > 6. The Galaxy S6 Edge. Not all smartphones are created equal.”

Galaxy S6 Edge vs iPhone 6

Have a look at below videos and give your comments whether Samsung should use iPhone names in their ads or not?

Galaxy S 6 v 6: Edge Display

Galaxy S 6 v 6: Wireless Charging, Wide Angle Selfie


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