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Rebateszone has illustrated the use of smartphones in our daily life in the form of a very good infographic. The figures revealed are amazing and give us very brief trends about how the the people are affected by the use of smartphones and tablets.

It was really astonishing for me that on average an American spends 3.3 hours on his smartphone in a day, which means the social life of the personnel is badly affected because this is the time we need to give to our families.

Have a look on below infographic for more details and amazing facts.
Use Of Smartphone in Our Daily Life

Co-produced by :Rebateszone & Jailbreakstation

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One can think of rooting or jailbreaking his Samsung Galaxy S6 device for the many purposes and one of the purpose can be releasing the restrictions put by the manufacturer. Galaxy S6 or S6 edge jailbreak can be useful for making more space available in the device by removing unnecessary apps and files. This process of rooting a Samsung Galaxy device is not a simple process but involves lots of developments by many experts and they have made this rooting process very easy. We only need to run Odin3 or any other latest version and the interface of rooting program needs only two steps once your device is ready to accept injection of the rooting or jailbreaking code for Galaxy S6 edge.

Now lets start the process of jailbreaking Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge or Flat model, same rooting / jailbreaking process can be applicable for all other models of Samsung Galaxy devices.

Pre Requisite For Rooting / Jailbreaking Galaxy

  1. Make a backup of your Samsung Device.
  2. This tutorial is applicable for T-Mobile or International versions of the Galaxy phones.
  3. To apply this procedure for rooting you need a Windows personal computer.
  4. Please make sure to backup anything you are worried about losing before beginning.

Warning: Rooting your Galaxy device may disable two secure features: Samsung KNOX and Samsung Pay.

Steps To Jailbreak Or Root Galaxy S6 / Edge


Step 1: Download Samsung USB Drivers for your device. You can select option of free download which does not take much time.

Download USB Drivers For Samsung Galaxy S6


Step 2: Find out the model number of your Samsung Galaxy S6 device by going to Settings => About device as shown below, this information shall be used in next step:

Rooting Jailbreaking Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

Step 3: Now open AutoRoot homepage on your computer and download the file relevant to the device model number found in previous step. The downloaded file is .zip file which you can unzip by just right clicking. If the option is not available on your computer you can search Google for Winzip or Winrar for installing free versions.

Download autoroot for jailbreak Samsung Galaxy

Download autoroot for jailbreak Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge International






Step 4: Run Odin3-v3.10.6.exe file by right clicking and selecting Run As Administrator.Rooting Jailbreaking Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge with Autoroot


Step 5: Open your Galaxy Device and go to Settings => About device and keep tapping Build Number until you see the message that Developer mode is active.


Step 6: Go to Settings => Developer Options and turn on USB Debugging.

Activate and allow USB Debugging in Galaxy S6

Step 7: Now connect your Galaxy device to your computer and check that all necessary automatic installation is complete now disconnect the device from computer and turn it off.

Step 8: Now press and hold power, volume down, and home buttons simultaneously until you see blue screen with warning message. Read the message carefully and if you are willing to continue just press Volume Up.

Custom OS Mode For Galaxy

Step 9: Now connect your Galaxy device to the computer so that rooting / jailbreaking process can be continued.

Step 10: Now go to the Odin program click on AP and select the .tar.md5 file from inside the extracted AutoRoot folder and click Open. Now click Start button.

Odin3 V3.10 AP Selection

Final Step: Actually last step was the final step for rooting or jailbreaking Samsung Galaxy S6, now you only need to wait until your device reboots and shows your device home screen. If things went OK you will notice a new icon Titles SuperSU.

Congratulations your device is now equipped with the power of super user and you are master of your device to manipulate many settings.


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Good news Samsung is offering iPhone owners a 30 day test drive of one of its latest smartphones for $1.

Test Drive one of our latest Galaxy smartphones on your current carrier for 30 days with no obligation for just $1. After that, simply return it. Or, if the phone feels right for you, go ahead and upgrade.

To sign up for the promotion, iPhone owners must visit SamsungPromotions.com from their device.

Of course there are a few terms and conditions that go along with the offer. For example, “Customer shall provide PMK with a valid email address and valid phone number on the Phone Rental Agreement for PMK to contact Customer during the Rental Period. Furthermore, Customer agrees to participate in two (2) surveys for PMK; one (1) prior to receiving the Equipment and one (1) following the return of the Equipment. Customer also consents to receive all email and telephone communication associated with the Program. All Equipment rentals shall be subject to carrier, make and model availability.”

A shipping label is provided for the customer to return the equipment to the designated return location. If the equipment is not returned by the expiration of the Rental Period, plus a five (5) day grace period, then you may be charged the full replacement cost of the device.

Hit the link below for more details…

Read More

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Samsung and apple are probably the BMW and Mercedes of telecom field. These two companies are best at their work and no one can beat them when it comes to innovation, style, efficiency, and pure class. S6 and iphone6 are two most discussed and famous phones right now. But which one to buy? Lets first go through the major specifications and features of Samsung Galaxy S6 and iPhone 6. You may like to read about the Battery life of Samsung Galaxy S6.

 Samsung Galaxy S6 VS iPhone6 – Which one to Buy:

Galaxy S6 vs iPhone 6
Galaxy S6 vs iPhone 6

Samsung galaxy S6 Features:

  •  6.9 mm thick.
  • 138 grams aluminum body with glass panel.
  • Colors available are white pearl, black, gold platinum , blue topaz.
  • Nano-sim.
  • 5.1 inches screen with corning gorilla glass.
  • 32/64/128 GB , 3 GB ram.
  • Quad-core 1.5ghz cortex a53.
  • 6 mp, 5 mp primary and secondary cameras respectively.
  • click here to read full Samsung Galaxy S6 Features.

iPhone6 Features:

  • · 6.9mm thick, 129g, Anodised aluminum back.
  • · Colors available are Space Grey, silver, gold.
  • · 4.7 inches screen.
  • · Apple a8.
  • · Dual core 1.4 ghz.
  • · 16/64/128 gb, 1gb ram.
  • · 8mp primary and secondary is 1.3 mp.

Samsung Galaxy S6 VS iPhone6 – Which one to Buy:

These are the main features of both phones. As you can see above some of the differences, camera difference is the major one, s6 being ahead in this case. But you should not purely decide on this as graphics of iphone6 are way better. So we need to get into it little more. iphone6 has a 720p screen while s6 triggers a 2k quality screen. With 0.4 inch larger screen diagonally, the screen is sharper as well. its pixel density is 77% higher than that of iPhone. S6 now its pretty clear to choose which phone. Because having retina display isn’t everything. Apple has to come up with more advancements in order to compete with phones like s6.

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Samsung galaxy has once again made its customers happy with its handsets which are reasonable and remarkable. Grand prime is comes in 3 colors; white, black and grey and has a sleek body which looks like apple iPhone 6. This article will guide you about the Samsung galaxy grand prime reviews.

Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime Reviews:

Galaxy Grand Prime Features
Galaxy Grand Prime Features

1) Looks

The Samsung galaxy grand prime comes in the market with great looks. the phone has a big 5 inches screen which doesnt give a very huge look. The size is made in such a way that it looka decent in the hand and can be used easily with a single hand as well. The back cover is also of good plastic which prevents unwanted smears and can be easily cleaned with a cloth making it look new as ever.

2) Camera of Galaxy Grand Prime:

the major feature of Samsung galaxy grand prime is the camera. it has a 8 mega pixel back camera which takes good quality pictures. the front camera is also good enough with 5 mega pixels and the best part is the lens gives less zoomed in photos. that is the reason the phone is famous and known for grandfi. people can take selfies with the wide angled lens and this is the feature people fell in love with it.

3) Battery Life  of Grand Prime Phone:

Samsung galaxy grand prime has good battery life which can be further extended if you switch your phone to power saving mode.

4) It comes with the standard design of the ear piece located above the label that says the company name. The phone is dual sim and that sign is drawn in the right corner next to the company label. The home button is at the bottom and the charging slot is also built down.

5) low resolution

The phone has its negative points as well. It has poor screen resolution which sometimes shows pixelated images which are a disappointment.

However we concluded that Samsung galaxy grand prime is a phone with over all nice features and good price of Rs 1999 in Pakistan. These Samsung galaxy grand prime reviews can help you make the right decision.

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Samsung Galaxy a3 is a wonderful phone introduced by the company and has proved to be quite popular especially among people who prefer to have one handed phones. Since a number of phones with big screens are flooding the market, it is a good initiative taken by Samsung to introduce a phone with a normal sized screen. This also generates competition for iPhone 6 as now people who prefer small size may switch to Samsung for a change. Click here to read Galaxy Note 3 Tips.

Samsung Galaxy A3 Review and Opinions:Galaxy A3 Reviews

> Screen size of Galaxy A3:

It is considered a plus point for samsung Galaxy a3 when it comes to people who want small size of screens. As mentioned above, some people do not prefer big phones so for them this compact size of 4.5 inches is more than good.

The sleek designs makes it a beautiful phone with breathtaking delicacy.

> Storage and connectivity of Galaxy A3:

Another plus point to the review of Samsung galaxy A3 is that the storage capacity can liberally expand. Users can enjoy the bulit in 16 GB storage and according to their needs they can add up more space through a SD card upto 64 GB. Samsung galaxy A3 also provides with the latest connectivity of NFC and 4G lite. Though the battery is disappointing to be non removable but it being 1900 mAh evens it out.

> lets add more to the review of Samsung galaxy A3:

The smart phone gives a highly good performance and the battery timings are also pretty satisfactory for the users. Moreover, its premium build quality is cherry on the top.


> Low resolution problem with Galaxy A3:

A drawback regarding the phone is the low resolution. however the colors and pictures are so detailed that it can be ignored for a while.

 This is a good phone which can be purchased at a good price within budget. Samsung has launched this one for the people who want to experience a wonderful smart phone with ultra premium quality in a very reasonable price for it and this makes you ignore the little drawbacks as well. In short, if you want to get a phone to satisfy your wants and also be good to your wallet then go for it without hesitation. Thats all to the review of Samsung galaxy A3, the rest you can judge from your own experience!