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outlook vs Apple mail, Which is Better?

Love it or loath it, email is an essential part of any modern technology device. the truth remains that for the vast majority of people it is one of the first things they set up on a new phone, tablet or PC. Using a good client then is very important if you want to get the best […]

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iPhone Maps vs. Google maps – A brief Comparison

Long time ago, Google maps was the “go to: app for mapping needs and not just for android mobiles but also for iOS devices, but later in 2012 apple developed their own application. The new app still needed a lot of fixing and a lot of work had to be done in order to make […]

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Windows 10 Mobile Features and News

As we know Phones have had a monopoly over the past half-decade. They are used not only for calls and texting but they are getting more advanced like an all-capable device that can do anything. Phones can run apps, surf the internet, video call, and provide business help and more. Windows 10 mobile phone is […]

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Google Dominating The Search Market [Statista]

Since January 2008 the number of search queries handled by the major search engines in the US has increased by 68%, this was mentioned in a recent US search market report prepared by Statista. You can check below graphs for different type of views of the data collected. It is clear that the Google has […]

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Windows 8 – 30 Shortcut Keys

If you are using Windows then definitely you will be interested in Windows 8 the next operating system from Microsoft, which is expected to be released in October 2012. Recently Microsoft has provided list of Windows 8 keyboard shortcuts which can be very useful instead of using your mouse every time, if you are following the […]

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