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Talking about safe mode, first of all let’s see what safe mode is. It is developed for troubleshooting purpose in OS X as well as in windows. It helps all software issues to restrain from any sort of hardware failures. If you are wondering how to boot Mac in safe mode, so here are few easy steps to be on safe side. Using the below given easy MAC tips you will be able to boot your mac in safe mode without any problem and damaging anything. You may also find the following topics useful during the booting mac in safe mode :  How to See and Restore Files using Time Machine on MAC,  Easy Method to Force Quit a MAC App and How to Recover Deleted Messages on Android and Mac.

All about Booting Mac in Safe Mode:

boot mac in safe mode
boot mac in safe mode
  1. Restart your Mac from the beginning.
  2. Right at the moment you hear start up tone, press and hold the shift key. (do not hit shift before the start up tone)
  3. Release the key when you have spinning wheel in front of you on your screen below the apple logo. And your Mac is in safe mode now.

Now we need to know about things our Mac does in safe mode which are:

  1. No start up items or login items would open automatically.
  2. User-installed fonts would be disabled.
  3. Deletes all kind of caches.
  4. If required, it will try to repair directory issues automatically.
  5. If in doubt that whether your Mac is in safe mode or not, you can check it in 3 ways.
  6. Your menu bar will read “Safe Mode”.
  7. Your Mac’s overall performance will be slower. Graphics would no longer be as efficient as before. Also, your screen might rupture while activities like login process etc.
  8. Numerous OS X features might not be available to you.

    boot mac in safe mode
    boot mac in safe mode

In some situations, starting up your Mac in safe mode is NOT a good option. What are these situations ?

  1. If a particular app isn’t working properly
  2. Our Mac is too slow.
  3. Any directory issues
  4. Incomplete start-ups.

This is all basic and necessary knowledge regarding your safe Mode in your Mac. Hopefully it is going to help every Mac user.

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Time Machine is a very useful application that enables the users to backup the important data and also to restore and view parts of those files. The Time Machine is pretty famous for its services, as in today’s era everybody is looking for such unique safety apps to store and backup their data according to their own will. There are a few points to understand how to see and restore files using Time Machine. Is Your Mac Affected By Flashback Virus?

How to See and Restore Files using Time Machine on MAC:

  1. First, go to the time machine by the menu bar or you can also go by entering the system preferences then time machine and then tap on show time machine on the menu bar.
  2. When you enter the Time Machine, go to the folder in which you have the file which you are planning to restore.
  3. There and then you will see a dial with time; this will be at the right hand side, to navigate right back through the time until the file appears.
  4. Highlight the specific file, and tap on restore button which will be seen at lower part of the interface. This step will be done in order to restore the specific file from the backup.
  5. This is so simple and now the file will be restored into your device just like it was before you lost it.See and restore files
  6. Time Machine is an important technology that every person would need. If you accidentally delete an important file you can get it right back through this tutorial. Since it is very common that people do loose files by sudden wrong taps so Time Machine is a need to every device. This is all about how to see and restore files using Time machine on MAC, Good luck with it.

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The problem usually faced by the users on OS X Yosemite when some applications like Safari start misbehaving and affecting the device inadequately. When it becomes difficult to quit in the standard way that’s when you will need these tips for force quit purpose. Apple has easy ways which are simple to lagging your device and keeps on being unresponsive most of the times.

Easy Method to Force Quit a MAC App:

1) Users can use the Dock method to force quit a Mac app.First they are required to locate which app is being unresponsive right in Dock. When you find it, click on the icon. Now you will see a menu appear on the screen that will have several options starting from Edit post and ending on force quit. Click on the force quit option to close the specific app you wish to quit.

2) Another way is to quit the Mac apps through Finder. Apple users will have to open the Finder’s menu for this and then tap the force quit button. Now the last step is to choose the unresponsive app that you wish to close and click force quit.Force Quite Mac

3) In addition to the above methods, Apple users can also do the force quit procedure by keyboard shortcut. You are required to press the options – command and Esc to bring the option to force quit. You will be doing this on the keyboard just like ctrl-alt-del on your pc keyboard or laptops. Make sure you press all the keys at the same time.

Step 2 is to choose the annoying app in the window that says force quit and click the main force quit button that is in blue color. This way you will be done with the process.
For additional information; if the app freezes again and again you are advised to refresh or restart Mac to release system and get to the job again. Click here to read the iOS 8.1.2 Jailbreak For Mac Computers method.

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The new 15-inch MacBook Pro for 2015 has arrived, picking up a trio of component upgrades on the way. Apple’s best laptop features the same design and layout as the first Retina notebook that launched in 2012, and once again two models are available. Apple is claiming one more hour of battery life for this MacBook Pro compared to last year’s 13 inch MacBook Pro  moving from 8 to 9 hours of wireless web-browsing time.

The new Force Touch track pad is something of a departure though, and even though the track pad looks identical on the surface, it is now a fixed, and has strain gauges, electromagnet solenoids and additional processors and algorithms to do its work. Considering how PC performance was languishing with little change in storage speed when compared to ever-rising CPU increases roughly in line with Moore’s Law, Apple has accomplished much as other PC builders complacently stuck fast with outdated data-transfer technologies. We’re not quite sure how it’s been done, but exactly as promised we find one hour was added to unplugged run time.


Macbook pro 15 inch Features and Specification:

 Last year’s MacBook Pro (Retina, 15-inch, Mid 2014) with the same 2.5 GHz Core i7 processor lasted for 7 hr 57 min.This year’s model with the same CPU ran for 8 hr 58 min, which we’re happy to call ‘9-hour battery life’.

MacBook Pro 2015

The new 15 inch MacBook Pro models also offers exactly the same capacity of storage for the two standard models, but there is more to the storage than the 256 GB or 512 GB on offer when compared to last year’s models, according to Apple.The company stated at launch that the updated 15-inch MacBook Pro with Retina display features up to 2.5 times faster flash storage than the previous generation, with throughput up to 2 GBps. The 15 inch MacBook Pro has a Retina display that offers a resolution of 2,880 x 1,800 pixels.

Now Mac users can also use their computers to jailbreak iOS 8.1.2 on their devices. PP jailbreak tool is the latest release which can be used to jailbreak your iPhone 6 Plus, 6, 5s, 5c, 5, 4s on iOS 8.0 up to iOS 8.1.2 Jailbreak for Mac.

Here are the steps on how to jailbreak 8.1.2 On Mac

Download PP Jailbreak For Mac

Please make sure that you have backed up your device before you try to jailbreak ios 8.1.2 using the Mac computer because this is important for the situation in which your device stops responding after jailbreak 8.1.2. Although it is not common but you should be careful and understand that jailbreaking may impact the data and apps if errors are faced,

Now double click the dmg file to mount it. Tap Settings from your Springboard then select Touch ID & Passcode. Turn Passcode Off if it is enabled.

Go to Settings => iCloud => Find My iPhone and ensure that Find My iPhone switch is the Off.

Now launch the PP Jailbreak program and connect your iPhone to your computer.

You will see the device is detected by the software with its model and version of iOS. Now uncheck the checkbox at the bottom left of the PP window then click the large button in the middle of window to begin your iOS 8.1.2 jailbreak.
pp jailbreak tool

Once you see below screen click the large button to right to confirm you’ve disabled Find My iPhone and Touch ID.

Now you will see the progress status of jailbreak process. Wait until you see below screen with green checkbox. Now your device is jailbroken and Cydia can be used now.

Once the jailbreak for iOS 8.1.2 has completed successfully, you will be shown a green checkmark on the pp tool screen, your iPhone will reboot and a Cydia app will appear on your Springboard. Congratulations, you’re now jailbroken!