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Apple store is the online shopping app for the users of iPad and iPhone who can now also enjoy the cooking app Green Kitchen for free. The Green Kitchen application would cost you around $4.99 if you buy it from any other store. But Apple store gives you this experience free of cost.

The application has more natural ingredient recipes which are organic. With a minimum of sugary, gluten, and dairy products in it. The instructions for the recipes are easy and under-stable so that users can interpret them well and make use of the app to the fullest.

Green Kitchen Cooking App For iPhone and iPad:

Green Kitchen cooking app is turning free for the people all around the world for the first time ever. But people do need to learn how to get this app on their devices without paying a single penny from their pockets.

Green Kitchen cooking app for iPhone:

The very first step is to download the Apple store app on apple devices such as your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Then shoot uo the application of Apple Store which you just downloaded. Right at the bottom of it you will find an option of Featured tab which you will need to select. Scroll down till you are there half way and choose Download Green Kitchen free. When you tap, it will start automatically.

You are now going to see another screen saying Green Kitchen app where you are required to Download now for free. This button is located lower on the app page.  Once this is completed you will be automatically taken out of the Apple store the other app and there after redeeming the upper button at right the download will start immediately.

The offer for free green kitchen is only available for Apple users and will expire on 30th of July 2015. Green Kitchen will bring variety and color to your diet and will make up a healthier kitchen for you and your family.

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The Ninja Sports armband is specifically made for Apple iPhone 6 as it holds perfectly the 4.7 inch screen. While you go for jog it is always a problem to keep your cell phone and other stuff safe. Your mind is always diverted when you are jogging and working out which doesn’t let you put your best to it. Keeping keys and ID card safe is always something you are concerned about. Specially wearing a lose outfit constantly gives you bad vibes of losing your valuable things. To solve this problem now people can go off to a tension free jog by using the new Ninja Sports armband for iPhone 6.

Ninja Sports- an armband for the users of iPhone 6:

The armband has a zipper pocket which is big enough to hold not only one card but also several cards such as credit cards and money. A Velcro strap is also provided on the side. The purpose is to keep it around the ears to prevent them for tangling inside the arm bag. The two holes at the bottom of the armband case is made to make it more universal so that different types of devices can be held securely. The armband has proper space for the phone as well as separate little pockets to secure the keys and important stuff like an ID card. iPhone tips

Ninja Sport armband is not only for iPhone 6, in fact people can also use for smaller devices like iPhone 4s and 5s. The Ninja Sports armband has a circumference of 15.3 inches and the material used for it is neoprene. It can be wrapped around arms even small as 10 inches since the sizes of arms would vary for different users. Ninja Sports armband is good news for all the athletes and people who regularly go out for jogging and workout.

People often listen to music as they workout and using the armband would give them significant ease. People can buy this armband from Amazon for $20 and an iPhone 6 plus version can be purchased for the same price.

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Do you find yourself always asking your friends for the pictures they took with their phones after a party or a get together. This App solves that problem, now you can easily send your pictures and take them from your friends fast and easy. The app groups your photos based on who’s in them and when they were taken. In one tap, you can sync your photos to the friends you choose. Then, friends can add their photos to the moment app. Now, everyone has all the photos you took together!

New Moment App To keep Private Pictures:

The moment app allows you to keep all your photos organized in one private place, without having to share on some social media where other who are not even in the picture can look at it and have access to it. You can easily sync all your photos at one time, no need to send them individually or send them separately by email or any other channel. You can even use the search tool to find your friends and your own pictures.

If you wish to save these pictures you see on the moment app, You can save them on your camera roll so you do not have to go back the moment app again and again and search your pictures to be able to view them. You can just a easily save them in you camera roll and view them whenever you want.and once you have saved them in your camera roll, this gives you the ease to edit them and then share them on your favorite social media channels, instagram, Facebook, send them in the messenger maybe. The pictures you save from the app are just like the once you would take from you own camera.

Google doc is a very user friendly application, it provides the proper options in the expected places as well as the important editing buttons. If one uses the Word a lot, then the appearance of Google docs is a pleasant surprise, it feels likes like using a less powered version of the Microsoft office word document.
Pictures have always been an important part of any conversation, be it showing memories, or part of an important presentation. A school report, it can be literally anything you want it to be. It has been announced that the official Google doc users can now add images directly from their iPhone or their iPad.

Google Docs – Create and Edit documents From iPhone Free:Google Docs

How to use Google Docs on iPhone and iPad is here: open the application, and tap on the plus sign on the upper right corner. This open a menu find the add new image and click on it. After this two choices will be shown to you then you will simply have to decide if you want to take a new picture on the spot or add one that you have already taken from the iOS camera roll. This feature is also available offline, it says that your work should not stop when your data connection does.

You can also crop, resize or mask the images using the Google Docs, if you double tap on the images, this will open the editing mode, and this allows you to trim the sides of the images or crop it into a specific shape.
In addition to this, Google slides have become famous for the ability to insert and edit tables on the go.
But one must keep in mind that the Google sheets still lacks the new image picker because the spreadsheet application does not support imagines in cells from the start. Using Google Docs you can easily edit, create and share the documents with others.

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The well known or the so famous iPhone 6 and its big brother iPhone 6 plus. They are full of so many features and there are many trick that some users are not aware of. One doesn’t have to be a genius or does not have to become the master of the manual to be able to use an iPhone to its fullest. Today we are going to reveal iPhone 6 hidden features for you.


 iPhone 6 hidden features, Tips and Tricks:

The following mentioned iPhone 6 hidden features work right out of the box while some require further steps to be set up on your device. You can also watch the iPhone 6 Video.

  • You can easily use your iPhone one handed, even though it has a large screen that may seem difficult to use with one hand, but there is a built in feature that solves this problem. Tapping twice on the home button to use this feature called ‘reachability’ don’t press the button, tap on it with your finger, you will see that the whole screen drops down, making it easy to use with one hand.
  • With this new device you are now able to shoot slow motion videos at 240 frames per second and be as dramatic as you want.

    iPhone 6 hidden features
    iPhone 6 hidden features
  • The landscape mode on this device comes with a new landscapes adjustable keyboard, these acts just like an iPad, but this feature is until now only available on the iPhone 6 plus device. When you turn the device the apps also shit to the landscape mode.
  • Touch ID as you all know can be used for installing apps or unlocking your phone, but if you down the app “last press” and/or “1password’, one can use their fingerprint to log in to extensions using safari. These are very awesome iPhone 6 hidden features that will enhance your smartphone experience.
  • To maintain a good battery life, you need to open settings go to general, inside it there is usage and then battery usage, and look for that one app that is using your battery too much, uninstall it if not important. You will know that something is wrong when you device heats up quickly.

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Long time ago, Google maps was the “go to: app for mapping needs and not just for android mobiles but also for iOS devices, but later in 2012 apple developed their own application. The new app still needed a lot of fixing and a lot of work had to be done in order to make it remotely user friendly. iPhone Maps Vs. Google Maps are discussed today in this article.

For starters both the applications are free across the world and can be downloaded by anyone. No special instructions are needed. Google maps is in comparison a little simple and easy to use and it also supports voice commands while on the other hand the apple app has a remarkable 3D view with a turn by turn navigation system.

iPhone Maps vs. Google maps – A brief Comparison:

Both the apps exhaust your devices battery. Google maps needs a little work on their turn by turn navigation as their visual is still not so satisfying, while the search results on the apple app need to be updated and need to be more resourceful.

Google has an upper hand with the accuracy of the locations, as they have Skybox a high resolution satellite imagery company under their belt, the price rounds up to $500 million. They bought it only to improve the accuracy. So when we compare the iPhone Maps vs. Google maps we come to know that at the Google office they have their own little army that manually checks the map and looks for errors to fix. They are also fast and active in reporting or responding back to daily reported issues by users, and fixing them as they go along.iphone-vs-google-maps

Apple didn’t stay behind, it bought Locationary, which is a company mainly focusing on crow sourcing location data and also stop. Which only gathered data from thousands of agencies of transit helping people with public transport? This does not end here, they also bought Embark Inc. after reading this iPhone Vs. google Maps you can easily understand the basic difference between the android and iphone apps.