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How to See and Restore Files using Time Machine on MAC

See and restore files

Time Machine is a very useful application that enables the users to backup the important data and also to restore and view parts of those files. The Time Machine is pretty famous for its services, as in today’s era everybody is looking for such unique safety apps to store and …

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How to Get Android lollipop version 5.0 on Desktop

Android Lollipop on Desktop

Having the lollipop 5.0 version on your smart phone might not be enough. You may be having a small or less advanced phone to enjoy the Android lollipop version 5.0. Having it installed on your PC might do the justice. But then you will hear a question that might arise …

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How to Get the Android updates Faster

Get Android Update Faster

Everyone would have the wish to get the latest android updates faster. Nowadays almost every other person owns a smart phone with built in Android. It is not that every single person owns an android phone, but there is a large number of people out there using one. So here …

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Watch TV shows and Movies on Android for Free

Watch Free Video on Android

When your smart phone has everything you need why wouldn’t you want to utilize it in the best way possible? You can easily go to the cinema to watch a movie, but how many movies can you watch like this? And what about the TV shows which you cannot follow …

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How to Avoid Roaming Charges

In today’s era one cannot stay separated from their smart phones even if it is for a few minutes. Smart phones are now being considered a need more than a luxury good. This is because your phone has more than you do whether it is contacts, emails, pictures, fb account …

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How to Prevent lagging on Smart Phones

There can be many reasons that can lead to lagging in your smart phone. Too much lag can be annoying and often drives the user to change the smart phone they are using. Sometimes you have a less number of applications running on your device which can still hog the …

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Easy Method to Force Quit a MAC App

The problem usually faced by the users on OS X Yosemite when some applications like Safari start misbehaving and affecting the device inadequately. When it becomes difficult to quit in the standard way that’s when you will need these tips for force quit purpose. Apple has easy ways which are …

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Apple music- Tips You Need to Know

Apple Music created hype and the pleasing part is that it is worth it. The Apple Music is a great initiative taken by Apple Company. The service originated by Apple is a big hit and it is probably going to make the future of the Apple artists really bright. There …

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Downgrade preparation for iOS 8.3 – How to do it?

 Once Apple will close the firmware that is signing for windows then it will not be possible for the users to upgrade or to downgrade to iOS 8.3 as Apple will not allow this. Therefore the users will have to settle for the current firmware being offered which is usually …

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