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boot mac in safe mode
August 1st, 2015 by k Tariq

Talking about safe mode, first of all let’s see what safe mode is. It is developed for troubleshooting purpose in OS X as well as in windows. It helps all software issues to restrain from any sort of hardware failures. If you are wondering how to boot Mac in safe mode, so here are few easy steps to be on safe side. Using the below given easy MAC tips you will be able to boot your mac in safe mode without any problem and damaging anything. You may also find the following topics useful during the booting mac in safe mode :  How to See and Restore Files using Time Machine on MAC,  Easy Method to Force Quit a MAC App and How to Recover Deleted Messages on Android and Mac.

All about Booting Mac in Safe Mode:

boot mac in safe mode

boot mac in safe mode

  1. Restart your Mac from the beginning.
  2. Right at the moment you hear start up tone, press and hold the shift key. (do not hit shift before the start up tone)
  3. Release the key when you have spinning wheel in front of you on your screen below the apple logo. And your Mac is in safe mode now.

Now we need to know about things our Mac does in safe mode which are:

  1. No start up items or login items would open automatically.
  2. User-installed fonts would be disabled.
  3. Deletes all kind of caches.
  4. If required, it will try to repair directory issues automatically.
  5. If in doubt that whether your Mac is in safe mode or not, you can check it in 3 ways.
  6. Your menu bar will read “Safe Mode”.
  7. Your Mac’s overall performance will be slower. Graphics would no longer be as efficient as before. Also, your screen might rupture while activities like login process etc.
  8. Numerous OS X features might not be available to you.

    boot mac in safe mode

    boot mac in safe mode

In some situations, starting up your Mac in safe mode is NOT a good option. What are these situations ?

  1. If a particular app isn’t working properly
  2. Our Mac is too slow.
  3. Any directory issues
  4. Incomplete start-ups.

This is all basic and necessary knowledge regarding your safe Mode in your Mac. Hopefully it is going to help every Mac user.

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how to clean smartphone
July 30th, 2015 by k Tariq

one the most used things in our daily lives is our smart phone which we use almost every minute to make calls, send messages, take pictures, browse and what not. In all this heavy usage our phones get dirty and it is always not that easy to clean an electronic device. Water is not at all a friendly cleaner as it might damage your phone. Clean your smart phone easily through these tips.

How to Clean your Smart Phone Easily:

how to clean smartphone

how to clean smartphone

1) How to Clean Smartphone Screen:

The screen of your smart phone is likely to be used the most with many dirty spots and finger prints making it look untidy. Some phones come with a microfiber cloth which is the best material to be used on the touch screen.

Using water can be effective if used in the proper way. Fill water in a spray bottle and spray the water on the screen and clean it with the microfiber cloth. make sure you turn off your phone before using water spray on the screen.

2)How to clean Body of Smartphone:

it greatly depends on what type of body is of your smart phone to know how to clean your smart phone easily. you can use a toothpick to clean the dirt particles from the speakers. Also, use a solution of 50% water with 50% vinegar. Apply it on the cotton bud and gently clean all the parts of your phone.

3) make sure you do not use household mixtures and solutions to clean your phone. Leather back of a phone obviously needs different solutions to clean it. Avoid using harsh cloth on the screen or the body to prevent unwanted lines and scratches.

4) maintenance of smartphone:

instead of cleaning your phone after it is full of dirt, it is wiser to keep it clean all the time. change your phone’s protector after some time and make it a habit. Also keep your phone in neutral temperatures to keep up with the maintenance.

5) Avoid using your phone while you are eating to avoid the sticky finger print mess which looks quite ugly on the screen. wash your hands if they are dirty before you touch your phone. These are a few useful tips to clean your smart phone easily.

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July 28th, 2015 by k Tariq

Whatsapp is by far the most popular instant messaging application. This application has users of every age, all you need is a smart phone and there, you can install whatsapp in minutes. However many users face different problems regarding the application. Some common problems faced by whatsapp users are mentioned here along with the solutions. Click here to read tips for Google Play Store.

Some Problems Faced by Whatsapp users and Solutions:

Why can’t you install whatsapp? You should have at least an android version of 2.1 in order to install whatsapp. To check the version you can go to the settings and select About Phone to check your android version. Also some people install whatsapp from the whatsapp website. Make sure you have enabled unknown resources option in the security settings of your android device. Problems connecting Whatsapp Another problem faced by Whatsapp users is connecting to the application. This can be due to several reasons which you will have to check to solve the problem.

  • Keep latest version installed of whatsapp or update the existing one.
  • Always check your wifi connection if you are unable to send a message. Go to the settings and then wifi where you can see where you are connected currently. There might be limited access of your internet causing the problem. For that call your internet company for guidance.
  • Easiest and shortest way is to simply uninstall whatsapp and then reinstall it and see if it works. This tip works for most of the problems. Long click on the application to uninstall it and then to Google play store to re install it again.Whatsapp problem

Problems recognizing contacts Many people who use whatsapp face this issue. Your whatsapp account might not recognize your contacts stored in your phone making it inconvenient for you to connect to your friends.

  • If your account is not recognizing a specific number make sure the person has whatsapp on their phone.
  • Also sometimes you might have entered a wrong phone number to your contacts so recheck it to ensure the problem.
  • Another thing which you can do is to go to your contact list and check if your contacts are in the visible category.

Blocking someone Another problem faced by whatsapp users is blocking the contacts they do not wish to see again. You need to restart your smart phone and start again. Open up the application and then click on the contact you don’t wish to see. After that you will see 3 dots on the upper right corner, tap that and select more. There you will tap the block button to complete the task. You can unblock someone the same way, just follow the instructions.

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recover deleted messages
July 22nd, 2015 by k Tariq

This is a common blunder or mistake many people make while using their phones. Have you also happen to get a message deleted by a wrong tap on the screen? By accidentally deleting the whole thread? Or even by deleting it with your will and later regretting it? Do not worry; you can recover deleted messages very easily if you follow what we show. There are a few programs which will do this for you. Cool-muster android SMS+contacts Recovery. Wondershare Dr. Fone. The above programs are for PC or Mac and android respectively to recover deleted messages.

How to Recover Deleted Messages on Android and Mac:

  • It really does not matter which program you go for to recover deleted messages. For example if you choose the Wondershare app you will first have to download it and run and install it. Launch the program to your laptop. On your android smart phone you are required to enable the USB debugging. For this you should be having access to developer options. Or tap on the about phone option and build number, tap again and again until you have the developers option.
  • Once you enable the USB debugging connect your smart phone to your PC and follow the instructions. This will scan the memory of your android phone and analyze it. When you get done with the whole process you will be able to preview and browse the deleted files/data on your android cell phone.recover deleted messages
  • You can also recover the text messages by selecting the ones you want to recover. The screen elements are easy to understand even without a guide.
  • Avoid losing a message Instead to recovering the messages by going through the whole process don’t you think it is easier if you do not lose your text messages in the first place? It will only take few minutes out of your precious time, simply backup your messages and give yourself a break from all the stress you might have to face if you have to go through the whole thing.
  • Download install such apps to back and restore your SMS whenever you want in very less time.

That’s all to how to recover deleted messages. However remember one thing, do not take long after a message has been deleted. Act as fast as you can to recover it back.

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Google Play Store Problem
July 22nd, 2015 by k Tariq

Everybody who is an android user needs to use Google Play Store for installing new apps and updating the existing ones. Google Play Store facilitates the users but can cause problem in running which many people face and cannot fix it. You really need to learn what to do if Google Play Store stops working properly. Learn about it even if you aren’t facing any problems because in the future you might. Click here to read Awesome tips about Google Play Store.

What to do if Google Play Store Stops Working Properly:

  • Clear cache Sometimes Google Play Store starts acting sluggish and problematic while loading and using the services. What you can do is clear the Google Play Store cache to solve this issue. The area with storage will keep the data at hold and will be retrieved automatically. After this your Google Play Store account will start running at a faster speed. Tap the settings and then go to apps, there select All and from there select Google play store. When it opens up tap on the clear cache sign.
  • Clear Data Just like you have learned to clear the cache you can also clear the data of Google play store to make it work in an improved manner. Go to the settings from your smart phone, then manage applications. There select All and then enter Google play store. Clear the data by clicking in the option. This option is a useful answer to what to do if Google Play Store stops working properly. All your data will be cleared making Google play store as new as before.
  • Uninstall updates Yes, another solution is to clear play store updates because at times a new update can prove to have poor impact than a good one. Go to the settings then apps and then Google play store. Then select uninstall updates.Google Play Store Problem
  • Google play services You can also do the exact things with the Google Play services. By that we are referring to clearing the data and cache for the services as well.
  • Reset If nothing seems to work you can go for factory resetting the smart phone to go back to the point when you initially purchased your new phone making it work just more than fine.

Hopefully now you know what to do if Google Play Store stops working properly. Good luck!

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July 22nd, 2015 by k Tariq

Sometimes you may notice that your android phone does not connect to the WiFi quickly and you might also notice your WiFi connection is draining your smart phone’s battery rather quicker than usual. Then know that the problem is not with your phone; in fact you are having a poor WiFi connection. So how to improve WiFi signals on your device? Ever thought of it? Let’s make it simple for you.

How to Improve WiFi Signals on Your Device:

  • Learn more about the frequency band. There are almost 23 channels of 20MHz on 5GHz frequency. That means the higher your frequency band the higher the spectrum. Therefore, as you know most of the smart phones with android system can run on 5 GHz so why not try the higher one?
  • 5 GHz most of the routers work on 5 GHz frequency band. Go to the settings and then tap WiFi settings, further select Advanced and then WiFi frequency. After that select Auto. Now your smart phone android device will work on 5 GHz. Feel the difference!
  • Track your signal You often move around your house or a place to catch the best signals to get a faster connection. But it might not be accurate. Go to Google play store; download and install the WiFi signal booster. Select the manual boost then keep check on the track. The app will show two lines; red and yellow. Your signals are shown by the red line; the best signal will be where the red one is closest to the yellow line.Wifi
  • Poor connections you can also guide your phone to your wants and needs. Tap your phone settings then go to the WiFi option and the select the advanced option. Here you can see different options, you are required to untick the option that says avoid poor connections.

These are some amazing ways to know how to improve WiFi signals on your device, follow to make your life easier.

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July 15th, 2015 by k Tariq

Samsung galaxy note 3 is famous for its design and looks due its big screen and attractive features. Galaxy note 3 has many plus points, but once the user starts using it by adding apps and other stuff it might get a little slow with time. That can be quite annoying and also disappointing because the smart phone is quite expensive to act sluggish. But you can always find out ways to speed up Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

How to Speed up Samsung Galaxy Note 3:

    • If you do not use S voice then it is better to get rid of it because although Samsung has put these in to the Note 3 to make lives easier but for people who do not use S voice should remove it. All you need to do is tap the home button twice (double tap) and you will reach the S Voice. You need to go to its settings, then general section and then untick the option that says open via home key. You are done with it, now you can exit S Voice.
    • System animations can also contribute the sluggish behavior of your Galaxy Note 3. To solve this follow the simple steps. Open up the settings then go to the General settings, and after that tap on the Developer options. Then turn of the window animations.
    • Do the same steps to turn off the Transition animation. These two steps will make you feel a noticeable difference in the speed and you will be able to switch between apps etc faster than before.
    • Who wouldn’t want fast downloading time? It is super easy to enjoy quick downloading on your Samsung Galaxy Note 3 by going to the settings then connections and then selecting the download booster option. This will also speed up your galaxy Note 3.
    • Get rid of Touchwiz which can add to the laggy behavior of your Note 3, install other launchers which are of good quality such as Nova launcher or Go launcher.Speed-up-galaxy-note-3
  • Clear the RAM and cache pretty often to avoid sluggishness altogether. Make a habit of doing that every week or according to the requirement to speed up your galaxy Note 3.

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July 14th, 2015 by k Tariq

Samsung Galaxy S6 and galaxy S6 edge are very popular nowadays due to the looks and the features provided by Samsung. The S6 edge has actually done a great job with its looks. People are happy with these two handsets however, they could still enjoy Nexus perks by turning their Galaxy S6 into one. There are a few ways which people can follow to know how to enjoy Nexus on Samsung Galaxy S6 or S6 edge.

How to Enjoy Nexus on Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge:

  • Samsung is always been appreciated for the hardware quality they provide however when it comes to Samsung software it can be quite disappointing at times. Samsung has always preferred the touchwiz interface instead of stock android. However you can get the less touchwizzy effect too without rooting your Galaxy S6 or S6 edge.
  • The tips which you will learn from here will help you to learn how to enjoy Nexus on Samsung Galaxy S6 or S6 edge. The Nexus users have a clear idea how Nexus differs from Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 edge. The interface is more android and different than touchwiz. This is because Google has always planned to give it a pure android look with an interface that is known as material design. To turn your Samsung Galaxy S6 in to a Nexus you can get this Material Design on it through easy steps.Nexus on Samsung
  • Go to the Samsung Galaxy theme store by simply pressing the home screen and selecting the theme icon, there tap on the theme store sign. Once you have entered the theme store, go down on the modern and simple part and move left till you find the Material Design option. After you have found you just need to tap open it and install it to your phone.
  • Then the last step is to apply the theme to your Samsung Galaxy S6 or S6 edge and enjoy a more Nexus interface look!

These are the best and easiest few steps to know how to enjoy Nexus on Samsung Galaxy S6 or S6 edge.

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Photosphere on Galaxy S5
July 13th, 2015 by k Tariq

Photosphere is an amazing application introduced by android version 4.2. It is a photo application that makes people enjoy the panoramic 360 degree feature just like they want to enjoy. Just the way nexus and iOS users enjoy apps that make pictures in to panorama style, now the android users can also enjoy this similar application on their android smart phones. Users of S5 will not find photosphere default in their phones therefore they will have to install it. Click here to read the full features and reviews of Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge.

How to Get Photosphere on Galaxy S5:

How to get photosphere on your Galaxy S5? The methods are pretty simple and anyone can understand the way with simple interpretation and concentration.

  1. Since it is not built in the camera S5 you will have to download it. It is very simple if you follow the steps. First you just need to tap on the camera icon and there find the Mode button and select it.
  2. When you are done with these steps, you will further tap on the download button, which will take you to the galaxy applications store providing several camera modes such as; sequence shot, sound and shot, animated mode, sports shot, food shot etc. But the shot you need to tap on is the surround shot. When you find it tap on it, and then install it.
  3. Now that you know how to get photosphere on your galaxy S5, you should get familiar to how to use the mode.
  4. While taking a panorama shot, you should move your camera slowly and steadily to avoid any strange edges or uneven surrounding. For the best final picture make sure you do not move the camera too rough and fast.Photosphere on Galaxy S5
  5. Also, to see how much you have captured, you can take a look at the globe which will be filling up with everything you capture.
  6. It is recommended to take such pictures in areas that are wide and smooth instead of enclosed and messy areas. A field or a park is preferred over a drawing room.

We hope you liked the above information on how to get photosphere on your galaxy S5 and it helps you install and use your photosphere on Samsung galaxy S5.

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Prevent Access Data
July 13th, 2015 by k Tariq

Mobile data is nowadays an essential need of every person owning a smart phone. People are not likely to be always near wifi connections therefore there is an increasing trend of mobile data usage around the globe and the cost varies from user to user. Nowadays there are a number of packages of mobile internet but most users complain about extra MBs being used without their knowledge. You have opened the right door to learn how to prevent Phone from consuming excess mobile data. Don’t forget to read Smartphone security tips.

How to Prevent Phone From Consuming Excess Mobile Data

  1. Chrome pages compressing Have you heard about data saver on Chrome? You can use this great facility to save your mobile data from getting wasted on unwanted data. If you use Chrome for most of your internet browsing purposes then you should compress the pages in order to save the mobile internet data. This method can help you save up to 35% of your mobile data and costing you must less than you can think of. And the little delay in browsing is worth it. Launch Chrome, then when you see the vertical three dots in the right corner, click on them right away. Then go to the settings and there you can tap Data Saver.
  2. Avoid using Facebook app When you find yourself asking how to prevent phone from consuming excess mobile data, a number of problem generating things list down in your mind. One of them is Facebook official application. It literally eats up the mobile data and for that you have an alternative of tinfoil for Facebook. This is a web application which will display your Facebook website. And help you save a good amount of internet MBs which you can enjoy for a longer period of time.Prevent Access Data
  3. Background Data Always go to the settings of the apps you use and restrict the data at the background to prevent excess consumption of your mobile internet data. Activities running at the back include; syncing, automatic widgets update, feeds updates and many more.
  4. Say no to auto-updating There is another hungry app that eats up the mobile data without you being aware of it. That is Google play store. Go to the settings and disable auto-updating of the applications in your smart phone. This will always ask for your permission next time it has any updates helping you know about what is going on in your smart phone.
  5. Also try to keep music in your phone instead of streaming it always from different applications to save data usage.

These are a few methods to know how to prevent phone from consuming excess mobile data, which will certainly guide you to cost cutting techniques.

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