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Warning! Apple has patched the recently released Pangu 9.3.3 jailbreak which was expected ultimately. Apple has just revised its iOS with new version which is 9.3.4, it was mentioned in the documentation that the memory corruption called IOMobileFrameBuffer which is used by Pangu Team to facilitate their latest 9.3.3 Pangu jailbreak.

ios 9.3.4 jailbreak is blocked

● IOMobileFrameBuffer
Available for: iPhone 4s and later, iPad 2 and later, iPod touch (5th generation) and later Impact: An application may be able to execute arbitrary code with kernel privileges Description: A memory corruption issue was addressed through improved memory handling.
CVE-2016-4654: Team Pangu

Now you should be very careful in case of already having the iOS 9.3.3 & 9.2 jailbreak to not update to latest 9.3.4. Also you should not update your device to 9.3.4 because there is no jailbreak available for iOS 9.3.4.

Remember that current version of iOS 9.3.3 Pangu jailbreak is applicable for devices including iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone SE, iPod touch 6G, iPad mini 2, iPad mini 3, iPad mini 4, iPad Air, iPad Air 2, iPad Pro.

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One can think of rooting or jailbreaking his Samsung Galaxy S6 device for the many purposes and one of the purpose can be releasing the restrictions put by the manufacturer. Galaxy S6 or S6 edge jailbreak can be useful for making more space available in the device by removing unnecessary apps and files. This process of rooting a Samsung Galaxy device is not a simple process but involves lots of developments by many experts and they have made this rooting process very easy. We only need to run Odin3 or any other latest version and the interface of rooting program needs only two steps once your device is ready to accept injection of the rooting or jailbreaking code for Galaxy S6 edge.

Now lets start the process of jailbreaking Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge or Flat model, same rooting / jailbreaking process can be applicable for all other models of Samsung Galaxy devices.

Pre Requisite For Rooting / Jailbreaking Galaxy

  1. Make a backup of your Samsung Device.
  2. This tutorial is applicable for T-Mobile or International versions of the Galaxy phones.
  3. To apply this procedure for rooting you need a Windows personal computer.
  4. Please make sure to backup anything you are worried about losing before beginning.

Warning: Rooting your Galaxy device may disable two secure features: Samsung KNOX and Samsung Pay.

Steps To Jailbreak Or Root Galaxy S6 / Edge


Step 1: Download Samsung USB Drivers for your device. You can select option of free download which does not take much time.

Download USB Drivers For Samsung Galaxy S6


Step 2: Find out the model number of your Samsung Galaxy S6 device by going to Settings => About device as shown below, this information shall be used in next step:

Rooting Jailbreaking Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

Step 3: Now open AutoRoot homepage on your computer and download the file relevant to the device model number found in previous step. The downloaded file is .zip file which you can unzip by just right clicking. If the option is not available on your computer you can search Google for Winzip or Winrar for installing free versions.

Download autoroot for jailbreak Samsung Galaxy

Download autoroot for jailbreak Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge International






Step 4: Run Odin3-v3.10.6.exe file by right clicking and selecting Run As Administrator.Rooting Jailbreaking Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge with Autoroot


Step 5: Open your Galaxy Device and go to Settings => About device and keep tapping Build Number until you see the message that Developer mode is active.


Step 6: Go to Settings => Developer Options and turn on USB Debugging.

Activate and allow USB Debugging in Galaxy S6

Step 7: Now connect your Galaxy device to your computer and check that all necessary automatic installation is complete now disconnect the device from computer and turn it off.

Step 8: Now press and hold power, volume down, and home buttons simultaneously until you see blue screen with warning message. Read the message carefully and if you are willing to continue just press Volume Up.

Custom OS Mode For Galaxy

Step 9: Now connect your Galaxy device to the computer so that rooting / jailbreaking process can be continued.

Step 10: Now go to the Odin program click on AP and select the .tar.md5 file from inside the extracted AutoRoot folder and click Open. Now click Start button.

Odin3 V3.10 AP Selection

Final Step: Actually last step was the final step for rooting or jailbreaking Samsung Galaxy S6, now you only need to wait until your device reboots and shows your device home screen. If things went OK you will notice a new icon Titles SuperSU.

Congratulations your device is now equipped with the power of super user and you are master of your device to manipulate many settings.


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Talking about safe mode, first of all let’s see what safe mode is. It is developed for troubleshooting purpose in OS X as well as in windows. It helps all software issues to restrain from any sort of hardware failures. If you are wondering how to boot Mac in safe mode, so here are few easy steps to be on safe side. Using the below given easy MAC tips you will be able to boot your mac in safe mode without any problem and damaging anything. You may also find the following topics useful during the booting mac in safe mode :  How to See and Restore Files using Time Machine on MAC,  Easy Method to Force Quit a MAC App and How to Recover Deleted Messages on Android and Mac.

All about Booting Mac in Safe Mode:

boot mac in safe mode
boot mac in safe mode
  1. Restart your Mac from the beginning.
  2. Right at the moment you hear start up tone, press and hold the shift key. (do not hit shift before the start up tone)
  3. Release the key when you have spinning wheel in front of you on your screen below the apple logo. And your Mac is in safe mode now.

Now we need to know about things our Mac does in safe mode which are:

  1. No start up items or login items would open automatically.
  2. User-installed fonts would be disabled.
  3. Deletes all kind of caches.
  4. If required, it will try to repair directory issues automatically.
  5. If in doubt that whether your Mac is in safe mode or not, you can check it in 3 ways.
  6. Your menu bar will read “Safe Mode”.
  7. Your Mac’s overall performance will be slower. Graphics would no longer be as efficient as before. Also, your screen might rupture while activities like login process etc.
  8. Numerous OS X features might not be available to you.

    boot mac in safe mode
    boot mac in safe mode

In some situations, starting up your Mac in safe mode is NOT a good option. What are these situations ?

  1. If a particular app isn’t working properly
  2. Our Mac is too slow.
  3. Any directory issues
  4. Incomplete start-ups.

This is all basic and necessary knowledge regarding your safe Mode in your Mac. Hopefully it is going to help every Mac user.

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one the most used things in our daily lives is our smart phone which we use almost every minute to make calls, send messages, take pictures, browse and what not. In all this heavy usage our phones get dirty and it is always not that easy to clean an electronic device. Water is not at all a friendly cleaner as it might damage your phone. Clean your smart phone easily through these tips.

How to Clean your Smart Phone Easily:

how to clean smartphone
how to clean smartphone

1) How to Clean Smartphone Screen:

The screen of your smart phone is likely to be used the most with many dirty spots and finger prints making it look untidy. Some phones come with a microfiber cloth which is the best material to be used on the touch screen.

Using water can be effective if used in the proper way. Fill water in a spray bottle and spray the water on the screen and clean it with the microfiber cloth. make sure you turn off your phone before using water spray on the screen.

2)How to clean Body of Smartphone:

it greatly depends on what type of body is of your smart phone to know how to clean your smart phone easily. you can use a toothpick to clean the dirt particles from the speakers. Also, use a solution of 50% water with 50% vinegar. Apply it on the cotton bud and gently clean all the parts of your phone.

3) make sure you do not use household mixtures and solutions to clean your phone. Leather back of a phone obviously needs different solutions to clean it. Avoid using harsh cloth on the screen or the body to prevent unwanted lines and scratches.

4) maintenance of smartphone:

instead of cleaning your phone after it is full of dirt, it is wiser to keep it clean all the time. change your phone’s protector after some time and make it a habit. Also keep your phone in neutral temperatures to keep up with the maintenance.

5) Avoid using your phone while you are eating to avoid the sticky finger print mess which looks quite ugly on the screen. wash your hands if they are dirty before you touch your phone. These are a few useful tips to clean your smart phone easily.

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Whatsapp is by far the most popular instant messaging application. This application has users of every age, all you need is a smart phone and there, you can install whatsapp in minutes. However many users face different problems regarding the application. Some common problems faced by whatsapp users are mentioned here along with the solutions. Click here to read tips for Google Play Store.

Some Problems Faced by Whatsapp users and Solutions:

Why can’t you install whatsapp? You should have at least an android version of 2.1 in order to install whatsapp. To check the version you can go to the settings and select About Phone to check your android version. Also some people install whatsapp from the whatsapp website. Make sure you have enabled unknown resources option in the security settings of your android device. Problems connecting Whatsapp Another problem faced by Whatsapp users is connecting to the application. This can be due to several reasons which you will have to check to solve the problem.

  • Keep latest version installed of whatsapp or update the existing one.
  • Always check your wifi connection if you are unable to send a message. Go to the settings and then wifi where you can see where you are connected currently. There might be limited access of your internet causing the problem. For that call your internet company for guidance.
  • Easiest and shortest way is to simply uninstall whatsapp and then reinstall it and see if it works. This tip works for most of the problems. Long click on the application to uninstall it and then to Google play store to re install it again.Whatsapp problem

Problems recognizing contacts Many people who use whatsapp face this issue. Your whatsapp account might not recognize your contacts stored in your phone making it inconvenient for you to connect to your friends.

  • If your account is not recognizing a specific number make sure the person has whatsapp on their phone.
  • Also sometimes you might have entered a wrong phone number to your contacts so recheck it to ensure the problem.
  • Another thing which you can do is to go to your contact list and check if your contacts are in the visible category.

Blocking someone Another problem faced by whatsapp users is blocking the contacts they do not wish to see again. You need to restart your smart phone and start again. Open up the application and then click on the contact you don’t wish to see. After that you will see 3 dots on the upper right corner, tap that and select more. There you will tap the block button to complete the task. You can unblock someone the same way, just follow the instructions.

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This is a common blunder or mistake many people make while using their phones. Have you also happen to get a message deleted by a wrong tap on the screen? By accidentally deleting the whole thread? Or even by deleting it with your will and later regretting it? Do not worry; you can recover deleted messages very easily if you follow what we show. There are a few programs which will do this for you. Cool-muster android SMS+contacts Recovery. Wondershare Dr. Fone. The above programs are for PC or Mac and android respectively to recover deleted messages.

How to Recover Deleted Messages on Android and Mac:

  • It really does not matter which program you go for to recover deleted messages. For example if you choose the Wondershare app you will first have to download it and run and install it. Launch the program to your laptop. On your android smart phone you are required to enable the USB debugging. For this you should be having access to developer options. Or tap on the about phone option and build number, tap again and again until you have the developers option.
  • Once you enable the USB debugging connect your smart phone to your PC and follow the instructions. This will scan the memory of your android phone and analyze it. When you get done with the whole process you will be able to preview and browse the deleted files/data on your android cell phone.recover deleted messages
  • You can also recover the text messages by selecting the ones you want to recover. The screen elements are easy to understand even without a guide.
  • Avoid losing a message Instead to recovering the messages by going through the whole process don’t you think it is easier if you do not lose your text messages in the first place? It will only take few minutes out of your precious time, simply backup your messages and give yourself a break from all the stress you might have to face if you have to go through the whole thing.
  • Download install such apps to back and restore your SMS whenever you want in very less time.

That’s all to how to recover deleted messages. However remember one thing, do not take long after a message has been deleted. Act as fast as you can to recover it back.