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Apple Music – New look new modification

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Apple music is love we all know that however some users might not be really fond of the layout of the Apple music app. When we say this we are talking about iOS 8.4 and users must be waiting to modify the layout according to their choice. You have stopped …

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Review about Apple Watch band

This is the review about the Apple Watch band. Some people get the Apple Watch directly what Apple provides while others get the Apple Band through third party. But they keep worrying if the quality of the device is good or bad. However as the review says even the third …

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iTunes 12.2 Released with Beats 1 and Apple Music

in Apple Music on demand. To enjoy Apple Music users will have to download and install this latest version of iOS 8.4 on their devices; whether it is an iPod, Mac book, iPad or iPhone. Everyone must be looking forward to it and anticipating the new features offered by Apple. …

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Apple Music is Ready To Play on Sonos Speakers

 All the users defiantly know what Apple Music is but for the people who do not here is some brief information. This is a streaming service provided to Apple users which enables you to get your ears on any song that is there in the library that is basically the …

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Apple Low Power mode in iOS 9 to Saves Battery Life

 Apple is looking ways to make its customers life comfortable in every possible way. A major concern customers usually face is the battery life of the phone. In today’s world, a phone with poor battery is nothing but a waste of technology. People use 4G and 3G even more than …

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