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iTunes 12.2
July 2nd, 2015 by Amir Ali

in Apple Music on demand. To enjoy Apple Music users will have to download and install this latest version of iOS 8.4 on their devices; whether it is an iPod, Mac book, iPad or iPhone. Everyone must be looking forward to it and anticipating the new features offered by Apple. The new iTunes version 12.2 will bring you joy of enjoying Apple music and Beats 1 on your devices specifically Mac and Windows system.

Apple will provide a variety of services in this new version. A section labeled as New will be present which will give you access to all the new songs and the upcoming releasing albums. The section that says For You will be updated frequently according to your history of choices which Apple will sort according to you preferences.

iTunes 12.2 Released with Beats 1 and Apple Music:

Also the artists may post for the people out there who love music and that can be accessed through the Connect section. You can find interesting material there such as; photo galleries, lyrics, recordings, behind the scene videos etc. Then there is a feature that is Beats 1, which allows live broadcast from a number of cities all around the world. Along with this the users can also enjoy the Apple Music Radio section which has been properly fully reset with new updates. You can also find all your music, purchases and other stuff in My music. iTunes 12.2

When you are looking for new songs to buy that’s when you will hit the iTunes section. The services of Apple Music is going to be free of cost for complete 3 months as a trail period and after that it would cost $9.99 per month so that you can keep having fun with unlimited fun.

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apple music tips
July 2nd, 2015 by Amir Ali

Apple Music created hype and the pleasing part is that it is worth it. The Apple Music is a great initiative taken by Apple Company. The service originated by Apple is a big hit and it is probably going to make the future of the Apple artists really bright. There are some tips that the users can follow to get the best from Apple Music.

Apple music- Tips You Need to Know:apple music tips

How to save albums along with the songs when it comes to offline playback?

There is a very simple way to save songs to listen to them later on offline playback. By selecting the option that says Make Available Offline you can save the album and the songs.

Download progress of music:
many users want to keep checking the music progress while a song is being downloaded. Apple Music users can go to the top of the screen tabs and there is the download bar which shows the percentage of the song being downloaded.

Saving songs- radio to library:
this is super easy. You simply need to click where you see the ellipses button and select Add to My Music.

Tips on using the mini player:
you should keep it minimized as it allows you to browse any content anywhere without losing any instant access to the now playing category. This gives you control over the service. Expand the player and minimize it by pressing the triangle that is located at left hand side corner right at the top.

Alarms- how to set Apple Music as one?
First, remember to save your favorite song to the category of Library. Then go to homepage of your phone and open clock. When you set the time, choose pick a song option to fetch the song from the library and set it as alarm. These are a few tips that will help you use the Apple Music in a more knowledgeable way.

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iPhone tips
June 30th, 2015 by Amir Ali

The Ninja Sports armband is specifically made for Apple iPhone 6 as it holds perfectly the 4.7 inch screen. While you go for jog it is always a problem to keep your cell phone and other stuff safe. Your mind is always diverted when you are jogging and working out which doesn’t let you put your best to it. Keeping keys and ID card safe is always something you are concerned about. Specially wearing a lose outfit constantly gives you bad vibes of losing your valuable things. To solve this problem now people can go off to a tension free jog by using the new Ninja Sports armband for iPhone 6.

Ninja Sports- an armband for the users of iPhone 6:

The armband has a zipper pocket which is big enough to hold not only one card but also several cards such as credit cards and money. A Velcro strap is also provided on the side. The purpose is to keep it around the ears to prevent them for tangling inside the arm bag. The two holes at the bottom of the armband case is made to make it more universal so that different types of devices can be held securely. The armband has proper space for the phone as well as separate little pockets to secure the keys and important stuff like an ID card. iPhone tips

Ninja Sport armband is not only for iPhone 6, in fact people can also use for smaller devices like iPhone 4s and 5s. The Ninja Sports armband has a circumference of 15.3 inches and the material used for it is neoprene. It can be wrapped around arms even small as 10 inches since the sizes of arms would vary for different users. Ninja Sports armband is good news for all the athletes and people who regularly go out for jogging and workout.

People often listen to music as they workout and using the armband would give them significant ease. People can buy this armband from Amazon for $20 and an iPhone 6 plus version can be purchased for the same price.

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sonos beats apple
June 29th, 2015 by Amir Ali

 All the users defiantly know what Apple Music is but for the people who do not here is some brief information. This is a streaming service provided to Apple users which enables you to get your ears on any song that is there in the library that is basically the iTunes.The great news is that Sonos and Apple have decided to join hands and work together and this is official news. The hardware will be a part of Sonos near 2015 end.

A Sonos spoke person has announced the official date and the former CEO of Beats Music have stated on Twitter that Sonos and Apple are to be seen together soon. He is the Senior director in the Apple Music now. Talking about the convenience, although Apple music can be played through Bluetooth and through Airplay but obviously once the technology is built in into a wireless home theater or any speaker set up it will bring more facilities for the users. sonos beats apple

Apple has also confirmed this news by giving a statement to the famous Buzz feed. The company is to treat the service as a platform rather than just a streaming service if it actually takes it seriously. The service is going to be effective on windows right away when used with iTunes and as the android devices are concerned it will be working by the fall this year.

The company is making Apple music into a number of third party apps and devices. It has already begin the process so that maximum number of people can enjoy the services. Apple is going to launch this service this year and the date is 30th June. The main devices in which it will work is iPad devices, Mac, Apple TV, Android applications and PC’s with Windows software updated to iTunes.

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Galaxy s6 vs iPhone 6 vs LG G4
June 28th, 2015 by Muz Khan

In a recent test done by Tom’s Guide Samsung Galaxy S6 has been awarded the number one position with respect to the performance as compared to LG G4, Apple iPhone 6, and several other popular smartphones.

The study was done through a series of performance tests. Smartphones were tested using a variety of methods that include:

  • PDF Load Time
  • Camera Open Time
  • Gaming Performance
  • Video Editing
  • Geekbench
  • Basemark OSII System
  • Basemark OSII Memory
  • 3DMark Ice Storm Unlimited
  • Wi-Fi Speed.

On a whole Samsung Galaxy S6 was the fastest device, followed by the LG G4, then the iPhone 6.

With its homegrown Exynos 7420 CPU, DDR4 memory and speedy UFS storage, the Samsung Galaxy S6 is the fastest phone you can buy right now. In both real-world tests and synthetic benchmarks, the S6 finished first in 6 out of 9 tests, and it never finished lower than third in the other three. So for those who need the best performance, your search ends at Samsung.

Have a look on below given chart and videos.


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Apple Low Power Mode
June 27th, 2015 by Amir Ali

 Apple is looking ways to make its customers life comfortable in every possible way. A major concern customers usually face is the battery life of the phone. In today’s world, a phone with poor battery is nothing but a waste of technology. People use 4G and 3G even more than wifi nowadays which drains the battery in minutes and obviously people use their cell phones for many other purposes as well therefore they demand good battery life. To overcome this it is planning to announce Apple’s new ‘low power mode’. This will be available for ios 9 users and in addition to the extra hour provided by ios 9 it will extend the battery life of iphone up to 3 hours.

Apple Low Power mode in iOS 9 to Saves Battery Life:

The users are recommended to enable the Apple’s ‘low power mode’ when the battery drops to 20% to 10%. It will be very easy to enable just in seconds, users will have to switch it on by going to the settings application and manually enabling it from the battery section.
This will make a big difference for the users who complain about the battery life as this will bring significant improvement. It is to be introduced by Apple and it is said to be a very innovative way to help users throughout the day. The users will not have to charge their phones more than once a day. Apple’s ‘low power mode’ advancement will facilitate the users during the long day.

Apple Low Power Mode

Apple Low Power Mode

Apple’s low power mode reduces the consumption of battery by disabling background apps, animated wallpapers and automatic downloads. This also decreases the microprocessor’s clock-rate and when enabled it will also put a stop to new emails. It will facilitate in extending the battery level but will not make the phone of no use.

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power app for apple watches
June 19th, 2015 by Muz Khan

If you want to check the battery status of your iPhone on Apple Watch Surenix has released ‘Power’, an app for the Apple Watch which allows you to easily check the battery life of your iPhone.

Have you ever wanted to just check the battery life on your iPhone but felt like walking across the room or perhaps even reaching into your pocket was a hassle? Now you can with Power right on your Apple Watch!

With Power you can easily see, in real-time, your iPhone battery life with a single tap or swipe on your Apple Watch. You are also provided with useful information, including indications of when your iPhone is charging or whether it has been fully charged.

Power app is available from App Store for $0.99.

Read More & Download

power app for apple watchepower app for apple watch

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iOS-9 jailbreak
June 17th, 2015 by Amir Ali

iOS 9 jailbreak has brought a lot of new features to the table, and many of those features have been borrowed, whether by coincidence or not, from already existing jailbreak tweaks. In this post, I summarize some of the tweaks that have been natively added to iOS 9 beta 1. Show case is a tweak, which has finally appeared in this iOS jailbreak, showCase was a tweak that accurately portrayed the current letter case on the keyboard key caps. Now, this feature is native in iOS 9, and it will help eliminate confusion when typing.

iOS 9 Jailbreak – A look at the Features

Ryan Petrich’s legendary VideoPane tweak allowed us to detach videos and watch them while multitasking on our jailbroken iOS devices. It was rightly listed in many top jailbreak tweak lists, and brought genuine usefulness to iPhone and iPad users everywhere. Along with Apple’s other multitasking efforts, it now allows for similar functionality to Video Pane. Ryan’s legendary tweak was of the greatest jailbreak releases, and the ability to have true Picture in Picture mode on iPad is one of iOS 9’s greatest features as well.

Searching the contents of the Settings app. Quite the novel idea, and jailbreakers did it first. The aptly titled Search Settings, allowed users to easily search the contents of the Settings app over the last year. Search Settings, like the aforementioned Video Pane, was created by Ryan Petrich. Now the same basic functionality is available in iOS 9.

There are several jailbreak tweaks that aim to help save battery life, but BattSaver was one of the more popular releases to do so. It did so by tempering your iPhone’s radios, which, as I understand, is what iOS 9 does with some of its new battery saving techniques, albeit to a lesser degree.iOS-9 jailbreak

ReachApp wasn’t the only tweak that brought true multitasking to iOS, but it was one that I felt was the most sensible in its approach. ReachApp brought true side-by-side multitasking to iOS, and it did so very well. iOS 9’s new Split View multitasking feels a lot more polished, but tweaks like ReachApp showed jailbreakers what was possible with a little innovation. And since iOS 9’s Split View is currently limited to just the iPad Air 2, Reach App will still be used by many jailbreakers for lesser iPads and iPhones.

Last but not least, Dash was a jailbreak tweak released back in 2012 that allowed users to change the App Switcher look and animation style (CardSwitcher did it even before that in 2011). Not only did it allow for a full screen App Switcher, it brought a Time Machine-inspired animation style to the table, too.

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Apple ios 8 vs. Kitkat
June 16th, 2015 by Amir Ali

Our iOS 8 vs Android 4.4 KitKat comparison review analyses new features for each new operating system. We take a deeper look at the new features for iOS 8 and compare them to Android KitKat equivalents. Who has the best new mobile operating system: Apple or Google?
iOS 8 introduces iCloud Drive, Hey Siri looks set to make the iPad and iPhone an active assistant, Health Kit and Home Kit plus extensions could be a real game changer though google kitkat has many of the same features as ios 8

Apple iOS 8 vs Android kitkat – The Main Differences

Apple iOS 8 and Android 4.4 KitKat are both new mobile operating heavyweights. Our iOS 8 vs KitKat comparison review takes a close look at each new operating system.

Interactive Notifications are the big new deal in iOS 8. In iOS the Notifications are designed to spur new kinds of behaviors You can now reply to emails or messages from Notifications.Android KitKat also has interactive notifications, but they’re not as powerful because they require you to quit what you’re already doing to respond to the notification. Although Android announced this feature first, Apple has a better implementation.

while looking at android vs. ios 8, another big new feature from Apple is the presence of the new Quick Type keyboard. Quick Type enables you to tap on words suggestions as you type. It bases guesses for the next word based upon your past conversations. Apple’s Quick Type keyboard will even type into account the app you are using, and will make different suggestions in Messages than in Mail. Click here to watch iOS 8.4 jailbreaking video.Apple ios 8 vs. Kitkat

Apple’s big new cloud service is iCloud Drive. With iCloud Drive, you save, and access files directly to a folder on your Mac’s hard drive. The files stored in iCloud Drive are then accessible inside iCloud Drive-compatible apps.It’s hardly a unique feature, however, and Google has Google Drive (not to mention Dropbox, One Drive, and all the other similar cloud services).

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