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This week Apple has selected Night Sky 4 as its free App of the Week which you can download from below link.

Quickly identify Stars, Planets, Constellations and Satellites above by simply holding your iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch to the Night Sky!  This is all done magically.  Whether you are looking for a constellation or the International Space Station, let Night Sky 4 direct you to it.

Completely re-engineered for iOS 10 using Metal with 115000 new celestial objects, beautiful Glass Constellations, new Light Spectrum vision with mesmerising visuals, two finger gesture to increase or decrease Light Pollution, & seamless multilayered animated 3D models. 
Free App of the Week Night Sky 4

Premium Features ($0.99/month or $6.99/year):
– Land on the Moon:  Moon Tours – One giant leap for innovation.  We’ve accurately recreated the Apollo 11 and Apollo 15 lunar landing sites in a 3D environment as they would appear if you we’re there today!  You are able to explore yourself or be taken on a guided tour of the sites and learn interesting scientific and geographical facts about our Moon while you are actually on it. (Please note Moon Tours are only available on devices that support Metal rendering, iPhone 5S or newer, iPad Air or newer)

– Night Sky Tonight:  Get a totally customized experience, Night Sky Tonight gives you an animated view of the sky above you from Sunset to Sunrise. You can scrub through the night to see all celestial events happening local to you.  Within Night Sky Tonight get a breakdown of the stargazing conditions, light pollution, local stargazing sites, and also all planet rise and set times.  You can even tap objects to get reminders, such as when Mars is rising, or when the International Space Station is next flying past!

– Latest News:  Get regular updates about the Night Sky above from our very own astrophysicist and Night Sky Editor.

You can download Night Sky 4 from the App Store for free.

Download Night Sky 4

As it was already expected Apple has stopped signing iOS 9.3.5 and 10.0.1 which are still not jailbreakable. If you were hoping the next jailbreak release then it might be desperate news for you but hold on why you are worry if there is no jailbreak available for 9.3.5 and 10.0.1. We have not seen any good news regarding the jailbreak of 10.0.1 or 9.3.5. If the jailbreak for 10.0.1 is released in coming days and you have already upgraded to 10.0.2 or 10.0.3 that will be the time of sadness otherwise no need to worry and take it easy.

But as usual we advise our visitors to not upgrade if they are not having any problem in currently installed versions because sometimes it may take months for releasing the jailbreak for latest versions.

So if you are going to upgrade from subject versions think twice whether you will need old versions or not and if you have plans for jailbreaking iOS 10.0.1 or 9.3.5 we advise to keep away from any upgrade to 10.0.2 and 10.0.3 on iPhone 7.

There are two new developments which might be in the interest of iOS jailbreak community. The first thing is the release of iOS 10.0.3 and users can see the update notification on their device general settings. This update is mainly targeting the issue that was causing the loss of cellular connectivity on some iPhone 7 devices.

iOS 10.0.3 fixes bugs including an issue where some users could temporarily lose cellular connectivity.

ios 10.0.3 jailbreak updates

For more detailed information on the security content of this update, you can visit this support.apple.com. On the other hand if you are willing to upgrade to 10.0.3 you must understand that the jailbreak for iOS 10.0.1, 10.0.2 and 10.0.3 is still not available and we are not sure when it will be released for public. If still you are willing to upgrade connect to WIFi network and go to Settings => General => Software Update and start upgrading to 10.0.3.

Second important update regarding the ios jailbreak is that the currently running and most famous jailbreak ios site is was down from few days. Yes the English version of Pangu website is was not accessible from many days i.e. http://en.pangu.io/. Initially it was though that the new jailbreak for iOS 10.0.2 is being released but days passed and nothing happened and website is also not coming in operation. The website is was showing DNS error that means something wrong with its configuration. We hope soon we shall be able to get the Pangu iOS jailbreak site back. Pease note that download links are still working and you can jailbreak iOS 9.2 & 9.3.3 which are currently available working jailbreak for iOS 9.

Update: The Pangu site is working perfectly now without any change or jailbreak release.

pangu jailbreak website is down

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Hopes are still high that we shall get a jailbreak tool for jailbreaking the iPhone 7 as well as the iOS 10.1 or later versions. As usual and as expected Luca Todesco after getting hold of iPhone 7 has implemented his technique for producing a sensible photo showing that the new device is running Cydia 10 means it is now jailbroken by him.

But the truth is that he will not release anything and still all the eyes are in the direction of Pangu team who are most favored owners for upcoming iOS 10.1 jailbreak. Now the beta 10.1 is already there, if this becomes a stable volume of the operating system there are chances that Pangu Jailbreak for iOS 10.1 can be released.

Lets wait and see who becomes the champion this time as you are aware there are currently three claims from different parties for doing the iOS 10 Jailbreak.

Below is the image posted by Luca:

iphone 7 jailbreak for iOS 10.0.1

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Apple has posted two new ads for the iPhone 7 entitled, ‘Midnight’ and ‘Morning Ride’.  Take a look below and join our blog for more Apple news, videos, and tutorials.

The all-new iPhone 7, with low-light camera. It’s practically magic.

Morning Ride:
Brave the elements with the water-resistant iPhone 7.

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Wow this is amazing to see the results shown in this drop test video in which the user is comparing the iPhone 7 and iPhone 6S by dropping them from the height of 10 foot. Both phones are dropped onto concrete from pocket height, head height, and then a height of 10 feet. The iPhone 6s performed well but Apple’s new iPhone 7 did even better.
Take a look at the video below and give your thoughts on this act.