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Android KitKat Problems
July 14th, 2015 by k Tariq

Android kitkat is version introduced by android which has taken up to 40% smart phones around the world and is continuously being the popular version around the globe. However, just like many other technological issues, the Kitkat version has been also facing problems and users can do anything to get rid of them. Here is a list of problems and solutions of Android Kitkat. click here to How to Get the Android updates Faster.

Problems and Solutions of Android Kitkat:

  • Battery issue This is a common problem faced by the kitkat users but do not worry, we are here to help you out. The first thing you can do is take out the battery for at least 30 seconds and then reboot. You should then check the apps in the battery usage section to see which apps are causing battery problems and then either remove or reinstall them. Another simple way is to clear the cache by going to the recovery mode. The last solution is to backup your important files and data and factory reset your smart phone.
  • Poor WiFi connection The new firmware occasionally such problems to the WiFi connections. For that you can toggle your data, and keep switching airplane mode off and on. The other way is that whenever you face an issue, go to the wifi connections and open the one you want to be connected to, tap on forget and re-connect to it. Hope that will help!
  • There is still more to problems and solutions of Android Kitkat. Bad experience with Gallery Yes this is another common issue plus pretty annoying too when you are in the middle of scrolling down the gallery to find a picture. This problem has been faced more by the users of Samsung Galaxy S3, to solve this tap settings, then app manager and there go to paper artist to disable it. For other users, they need to clear cache of the Gallery app by going to the settings and then tapping application manager.Android KitKat Problems
  • Download notifications The problem is faced by both jellybean and kitkat users. But the good news is you do not have to fuss over it as fixing it is a piece of cake. Go to app drawer and there tap downloads app and clear the downloads present before. Make sure you backup your data before you do this.
  • Surprise reboots You might also face random reboots on your smart phone which can happen due to any reason, to avoid this, first backup all your important files then reset your device. Once you are done, restore the files to your freshly reset device.
  • Hopefully the above list of problems and solutions of Android Kitkat will guide you to save your brain from distress and make your experience on Kitkat a better one!

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Get Android Update Faster
July 14th, 2015 by k Tariq

Almost a good majority of people have an android phone in their hands; which some know how to use like an expert and some just have it for the sake of having a smart phone. You should know inside out of the device you are using to be an expert in using it. The ease you will feel then is unexplained. Android users should know more about what can make their phone even better and what they need to learn. These are a few top tips to be an android pro. Read what are the Tips for Twitter on Android.


Top Tips to Be an Android Pro:

  • Link up A pro would link and connect their smart phone to everything possible. You should be able to use your device or PC for the similar things; you never know when you might need to. Whether it’s sending emails or SMS on PC, answering whatsapp messages or sharing files and folders between the devices. All you need to do is install Pushbullet app in your devices to make your life easier. Install it in your phone as well as your PC, this is something expected to be done by an android expert. You keep both the device in use according to your convenience. Try it!
  • What is more to top tips to be an android pro? Become pro to your audio experience Almost all the smart phones lack the perfect sound of music in the speakers, no matter how expensive your earphones are or how good are the Bluetooth speakers. The sound quality always lacks the richness and smoothness in the audio. Go to the audio settings, and tap equalizer. Now control your music quality by managing the EQ settings. For example if you like more bass in the music then the EQ should be around 60-200 Hz.
  • An android pro usually would not need to go the browser to open their favorite website. In fact they pin down it to the home screen as a short cut and then it is just a click away for them.
  • Also, apps which are pre installed and you never need to use can be deleted too as it is simply taking up space and memory in your phone. Uninstall the apps or deactivate them. If they cannot be deleted then you can have better access rooting the device.
  • Hope you have learned the top tips to be an android pro successfully, good luck with it!

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July 14th, 2015 by k Tariq

Samsung Galaxy S6 and galaxy S6 edge are very popular nowadays due to the looks and the features provided by Samsung. The S6 edge has actually done a great job with its looks. People are happy with these two handsets however, they could still enjoy Nexus perks by turning their Galaxy S6 into one. There are a few ways which people can follow to know how to enjoy Nexus on Samsung Galaxy S6 or S6 edge.

How to Enjoy Nexus on Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge:

  • Samsung is always been appreciated for the hardware quality they provide however when it comes to Samsung software it can be quite disappointing at times. Samsung has always preferred the touchwiz interface instead of stock android. However you can get the less touchwizzy effect too without rooting your Galaxy S6 or S6 edge.
  • The tips which you will learn from here will help you to learn how to enjoy Nexus on Samsung Galaxy S6 or S6 edge. The Nexus users have a clear idea how Nexus differs from Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 edge. The interface is more android and different than touchwiz. This is because Google has always planned to give it a pure android look with an interface that is known as material design. To turn your Samsung Galaxy S6 in to a Nexus you can get this Material Design on it through easy steps.Nexus on Samsung
  • Go to the Samsung Galaxy theme store by simply pressing the home screen and selecting the theme icon, there tap on the theme store sign. Once you have entered the theme store, go down on the modern and simple part and move left till you find the Material Design option. After you have found you just need to tap open it and install it to your phone.
  • Then the last step is to apply the theme to your Samsung Galaxy S6 or S6 edge and enjoy a more Nexus interface look!

These are the best and easiest few steps to know how to enjoy Nexus on Samsung Galaxy S6 or S6 edge.

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Android Lollipop on Desktop
July 13th, 2015 by k Tariq

Having the lollipop 5.0 version on your smart phone might not be enough. You may be having a small or less advanced phone to enjoy the Android lollipop version 5.0. Having it installed on your PC might do the justice. But then you will hear a question that might arise in your mind, how to get Android lollipop version 5.0 on your PC?



How to Get Android lollipop version 5.0 on Desktop:

    1. First, make sure your PC has the required software on its machine. That is the Java Development Kit. If you do not have it please install it first. After that you will download the Android SDK. As axe. Or a .zip file. Run it to install. When it is done, go to the manager of SDK tick the boxes; SDK platform tools. The next step is to install the packages and agree and accept the installation process.
    2. When you have finished installing the packages, you are required to enter your already installed SDK and choose AVD manager. There you will take your arrow to the insert option and enter the AVD name without giving any space. This will be the name of the emulator.
    3. After that you will have to choose the device. The device which you want to emulate. The best example is Nexus 5.
    4. Then CPU click on ARM
    5. RAM: depending upon your device’s RAM. Choose wisely.
    6. Then select OK. Leaving all other things at default.Android Lollipop on Desktop
  • Okay, you have now completed adding the emulator in AVD manager. You will click it and then it will be the time to launch it. It will probably take a few minutes at the initial startup. This is how you will get Android Lollipop 5.0 on your PC.
  • Lastly you can easily go for whichever size you like by entering the launch button and clicking on the scale to display real size.

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Get Android Update Faster
July 12th, 2015 by k Tariq

Everyone would have the wish to get the latest android updates faster. Nowadays almost every other person owns a smart phone with built in Android. It is not that every single person owns an android phone, but there is a large number of people out there using one. So here we will discuss and reveal some secrets to get the Android updates faster. You may also like to read Tips for Twitter on Android and Lollipop: Android VS iOS 8.

How to Get the Android updates Faster:

  1. You should avoid on using Google services Framework as it can queue up the updates leading to delay them getting to you. You can remove this by going to the Google service framework and clearing it. Go to the settings then apps and All tab, you will now skip the waiting in the queue. This tip to get android updates faster will really help you, so try it.
  2. When an android update is sure to be due do not ever factory reset your handset. The reset would also reset your Google ID. So the best way is to learn one line and follow it all your life. Backup first, update second, reset third, and finally restore.
  3. In order to get the tip to get android updates faster you need to understand how android updates actually work.Get Android Update Faster
  4. If you prefer to get the Android updates faster then you should try to keep a more updated and advanced phone. The latest one with current things and features offered.
  5. You also need to know about your manufacturers and carriers. If you love your current phone then wait till you get a new one. Make sure the next phone you get is better and have better manufacturers than the previous ones. Same goes for the carrier. Because the framework after being released by Google and goes to the manufacturer and then the carrier. You are the last person in the queue.

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FaceBook Pro Tips
July 11th, 2015 by k Tariq

Facebook is the first most popular social networking site in this world with over 1.44 billion people of all age groups. This is a free app which works on every software and can be opened through browser as well. Although, you use it thoroughly but you may still have not explored the Facebook app properly. You can learn a lot by these tips for Facebook pro.

Best Tips to make you Facebook Pro:FaceBook Pro Tips

  1. On your smart phone you can get a widget short cut on your home screen to access your face-book account even more easily. Without having to see any unwanted ads you will only see the posts and statutes uploaded by your friends. You can upload your status instantly through the widget as well.
  2. Another good tip for facebook is to manage the notifications how you wish. Too much alerts and notifications can become disturbing and unwanted. You can customize the settings and enjoy the app without getting bothered. It is super easy and fast to enable the notifications or disable them for friend requests, event invites, messages, photo tags and comments.
  3. Once you are a facebook app user it gets very easy to explore the places near your location like restaurants, parks and hotels. These places also tend to have their own facebook pages.
  4. You can also customize your newsfeed and not settle with the standard one by editing it from the main menu.
  5. If you see an interesting thing on the web you will always see share to facebook button. Select it and share it with anyone you like on you facebook app, and write down a caption for it too.
  6. Obviously, when you are on Data usage you will not want unnecessary videos to play automatically. Facebook gives you the option to enable or disable the auto video play mode.

These were a few tips for Facebook users out there. Follow these tricks to enjoy the app even more than before.

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July 11th, 2015 by k Tariq

Google Play store is a service provided on Android platform to get countless apps in your device. There is a wide collection of applications, ranging from trending to paid, free to top apps. One can find and enjoy any app under one roof. And the best thing is it is very easy to use. It provides the users good knowledge about the app before they install it.

Awesome Tips for Google Play Store:

Some excellent tip for Google Play store are mentioned below:

  1. There are some apps which are not available in some countries. Also some apps are cheaper in other countries. This tip for Google Play store will help you get these apps. For this install any VPN like shellfire or hide-ninja to hide your IP address and take another address of a different country, you can choose from the list. Get to the VPN of the country you want the play store and run it. It will eventually start on play store of the country’s homepage you selected.
  2. You can easily go to the settings of Google play store and manage your account. Try giving nick names to your devices listed on your account. Also this tip for Google play store can be enjoyed when you search the setting from the brows2.
  3. In today’s world, even little children tend to have android phones. This tip for Google play store is for the parents as they can put up a parental control on the app. Go to the menu after that click on settings and there you will find the option of parental control. Turn it on. You will have to create a lock in pin mode and select the apps you want to restrict or all.
  4. Google play store users can also refund when they pay for a certain app. You can get the money you paid back after clicking on the refund button next to the apps install and open now options.

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Watch Free Video on Android
July 11th, 2015 by k Tariq

When your smart phone has everything you need why wouldn’t you want to utilize it in the best way possible? You can easily go to the cinema to watch a movie, but how many movies can you watch like this? And what about the TV shows which you cannot follow at their air time? That is when you want to get everything in your phone and watch it whenever you want. Your favorite TV shows and movies will be a click away. There are apps that can give you this advantage but you will have to pay for that first like Netflex. You need to discover free apps that can give you what you want in your phone. Some free apps to watch TV shows and movies on Android:

Watch TV shows and Movies on Android for Free:

  1. Hulu Hulu was recently launched on Android as well, giving the users free access to a lot of stuff. Users can watch the premium movies and TV shows without paying a single penny. However to get more out of Hulu the users must pay $7.99 per month. But users can keep on enjoying without paying as well with the stuff that is available without a subscription fee.
  2. Crackle Crackle is another very famous free to watch free TV shows and movies on android. The app was later purchased by Sony and provides with a fantastic collection of content you are looking for.Watch Free Video on Android
  3. iPlayer iPlayer is an awesome app to watch movies, however it doesn’t have an archived list but you can watch all the BBC programs of last 30 days.
  4. 4oD This is another app that offers free streaming of your favorite media content. It is pretty famous among the users of Mac, Windows and console; soon it will also turn up its popularity on smart phones as well.
  5. Demand 5 and SPB TV are also the best apps to watch free TV shows and movies on Android. These are the wonderful platforms that can be used by the people to enjoy without payment.

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Twitter Tips
July 11th, 2015 by k Tariq

Twitter is known to be the second most popular social media networking platform after the popular application Facebook. It has over 302 million monthly activators and over 500 million tweets are sent on the app every single day. Just imagine the popularity by these statistics. There are millions of twitter users and more are counting in as new users. There are some tips for Twitter android to get you the expertise of using the platform. You may also interested to read how to turn off auto playing of videos on twitter.

Tips for Twitter on Android:

  1. Image reviews People who prefer more place for their twitter display they might want to remove the thumbnail image from their twitter. Whenever you get a tweet or attached to one, there is a image that appears on then timeline taking up much of the place if you have several such tweets. Here is a tip for Twitter for android. In order to fix this, you are required to select the menu of Twitter and there choose settings. Once you go to the settings tap on General then Image Previews and revert the images into links.
  2. You can easily manage more than one account. Some people tend to have multiple accounts, separate from the work place and personal account. They can easily manage both accounts from the same interface. Go to the app menu and then click accounts; from there you will add account. now you can set it up and use it as you like.
  3. Sometimes it becomes a little difficult to find other people; similarly it may be a problem for others to find you. However the choice is yours, you can go to the main menu and then general settings where you will get two options if people can find you by email address or phone number.Twitter Tips
  4. Moreover let’s discuss another tip for Twitter for android. When you are in Twitter you can expect a sea of notification. You might not be willing to be disturbed by the unwanted notifications. Go to the settings then click on the Twitter handle and you will see the mobile notifications. Now you can do it as you like, either switch it off or keep it that way.
  5. You can also simply enable or remove the option of location on you twitter account. But you need to be very careful while you do it. If you want it to be visible, activate location after going to General settings tab.

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July 4th, 2015 by admin

Android and Google continues the effort of working together with the operating system for a better future. With the passing time technology is crossing higher levels to satisfy its customer in the best way possible. When it comes to connecting android with the world of desktop there is a list of apps that we recommend you to use.

Top 10 Apps For Android and Chrome Together:

  1. CloudMagic: this is actually a magic app for all the users of android and Chrome OS users. People can use this application to keep tabs on several email id accounts being inside one single application. Cloud-magic runs very smoothly and has a very clean and clear interface.
  2. You can also use Evernote on your chromebook very smoothly now. If you are a fan of android as well as Google this is the best app you can enjoy. If you wish to get evernote’s app you can easily grab it from Chrome Webstore.
  3. Mobile app is more focused on videos as compared to apps through the web version. Yes we are talking about Vine application which gives the best combination between android and Chromebook.

    Android and Chrome apps

    Android and Chrome apps

  4. Skype is another application which we all know about. An app which connects people all around the world through free instant messages, video and audio calling.
  5. Then it’s the Tapatalk app that works well on the Chrome book and can give you time free for yourself.
  6. Overdrive is an app that makes you enjoy book reading as never before and the users who are a fan of android and chrome can enjoy this to the fullest. Easily browsing a number of TV shows through the app is made easy now.
  7. Duolingo, slideshare, iAnnotate and photo editor, 4 more android apps that the users can have fun with on Chrome OS. You can use a number of tools to edit your pictures just the way you like through Photo editor.

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