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Samsung Galaxy S7 Jailbreak Android Rooting Method – Exynos Only


Like jailbreaking Android Rooting is exactly the same process that gives administrative rights on an Android root device. By rooting an Android device and flashing custom recovery, one can then install custom ROMs (new versions of the Operating System). Once you have root access for your Samsung Galaxy device, you …

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Razer To Release A Gaming Mobile Device Soon

Razer Gamers smartphone

We are hearing this since many months that Razer is working to introduce new generation of smartphone that will be specifically designed for the demands of the gamers in mind although recent announcement does not name the new device a smartphone. Previously these kind of reports came through unanimous sources …

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How To Jailbreak / Root Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Using Autoroot & Odin3 v3.10

One can think of rooting or jailbreaking his Samsung Galaxy S6 device for the many purposes and one of the purpose can be releasing the restrictions put by the manufacturer. Galaxy S6 or S6 edge jailbreak can be useful for making more space available in the device by removing unnecessary …

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Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime Reviews

Galaxy Grand Prime Features

Samsung galaxy has once again made its customers happy with its handsets which are reasonable and remarkable. Grand prime is comes in 3 colors; white, black and grey and has a sleek body which looks like apple iPhone 6. This article will guide you about the Samsung galaxy grand prime …

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Samsung Galaxy A3 Review and Opinions

Samsung Galaxy a3 is a wonderful phone introduced by the company and has proved to be quite popular especially among people who prefer to have one handed phones. Since a number of phones with big screens are flooding the market, it is a good initiative taken by Samsung to introduce …

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Tips you Need to know for Facebook Messenger

FaceBook Tips

Facebook is the most popular social networking application that can be found in every smart phone on this planet! There are millions and billions of Facebook users out there and you never know who would want help to use the application. Facebook messenger provides instant private messaging and a lot …

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Things Samsung Galaxy S5 Users Can Try

Galaxy S5 Tips

Samsung galaxy S5 is one the popular smart phones launched by Samsung and turned out to be quite a famous piece among the people. Users can learn more about their phones by exploring it inside out and making it more personal and customized as they wish to. There are some …

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Some Questions Android users often Ask

Android Accessories for Car

People are familiar with the Android system as they use it however some people are new on the android system therefore there are some questions android users often ask who newly start using it. Although, using it is not complicated and the whole thing is user friendly but there are …

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Useful Android Accessories for Car

Android Accessories for Car

Android runs on every other phone and is the most popular system on smart phones nowadays. The concept is trending and more people are getting aware of the facilities android system provides. When you have it in your pocket then why cannot you keep one in your car? Especially the …

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How to Recover Deleted Messages on Android and Mac

recover deleted messages

This is a common blunder or mistake many people make while using their phones. Have you also happen to get a message deleted by a wrong tap on the screen? By accidentally deleting the whole thread? Or even by deleting it with your will and later regretting it? Do not …

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