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Android and Chrome apps
July 4th, 2015 by Amir Ali

Android and Google continues the effort of working together with the operating system for a better future. With the passing time technology is crossing higher levels to satisfy its customer in the best way possible. When it comes to connecting android with the world of desktop there is a list of apps that we recommend you to use.

Top 10 Apps For Android and Chrome Together:

  1. CloudMagic: this is actually a magic app for all the users of android and Chrome OS users. People can use this application to keep tabs on several email id accounts being inside one single application. Cloud-magic runs very smoothly and has a very clean and clear interface.
  2. You can also use Evernote on your chromebook very smoothly now. If you are a fan of android as well as Google this is the best app you can enjoy. If you wish to get evernote’s app you can easily grab it from Chrome Webstore.
  3. Mobile app is more focused on videos as compared to apps through the web version. Yes we are talking about Vine application which gives the best combination between android and Chromebook.

    Android and Chrome apps

    Android and Chrome apps

  4. Skype is another application which we all know about. An app which connects people all around the world through free instant messages, video and audio calling.
  5. Then it’s the Tapatalk app that works well on the Chrome book and can give you time free for yourself.
  6. Overdrive is an app that makes you enjoy book reading as never before and the users who are a fan of android and chrome can enjoy this to the fullest. Easily browsing a number of TV shows through the app is made easy now.
  7. Duolingo, slideshare, iAnnotate and photo editor, 4 more android apps that the users can have fun with on Chrome OS. You can use a number of tools to edit your pictures just the way you like through Photo editor.

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Battery Life Tips
July 3rd, 2015 by Amir Ali

Battery is a feature which holds high importance when a person has to buy a new smart phone. Handsets that have poor battery life can never turn out to be a big hit for a long period of time. A good smart phone should proud the user with ample of battery life to go through the day without straining their minds to charge the phone again and again. There are some tips to save battery life that can prove to be very useful.

Tips to Save Battery Life of Smart Phones:

  1. Try to eliminate setting bright wallpapers. It requires more battery to illuminate the colors therefore a wallpaper with darker colors can improve the battery life of your smart phone.
  2. When you install different applications you should always try to keep the back ground darker. For example, Adobe Acrobat application is used for PDF purposes; you can always switch to night mode when using the app.
  3. Another useful tip to save battery life is to keep the vibration switched off. You can keep your cell phone in mute mode to save the consumption of battery.Battery Life Tips
  4. When you tend to sleep or not use your smart phone, make sure you switch off wifi and also the mobile data mode to avoid unnecessary notifications that can drain the battery in no time. Use 3G only when needed then switch it off immediately. Also do not keep your Bluetooth on when it is not in use.
  5. You can also do this with one touch. Simply enable the power saver mode to slow down the process of battery consumption.
  6. Never keep the update of applications on automatic setting s. This drains your battery without you even being aware of it. Update it with your own consent manually whenever you wish to.These are a few tips to save the battery life of your smart phone. You can learn more if you keep discovering what is causing your to drain quickly.

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Apple ios 8 vs. Kitkat
June 16th, 2015 by Amir Ali

Our iOS 8 vs Android 4.4 KitKat comparison review analyses new features for each new operating system. We take a deeper look at the new features for iOS 8 and compare them to Android KitKat equivalents. Who has the best new mobile operating system: Apple or Google?
iOS 8 introduces iCloud Drive, Hey Siri looks set to make the iPad and iPhone an active assistant, Health Kit and Home Kit plus extensions could be a real game changer though google kitkat has many of the same features as ios 8

Apple iOS 8 vs Android kitkat – The Main Differences

Apple iOS 8 and Android 4.4 KitKat are both new mobile operating heavyweights. Our iOS 8 vs KitKat comparison review takes a close look at each new operating system.

Interactive Notifications are the big new deal in iOS 8. In iOS the Notifications are designed to spur new kinds of behaviors You can now reply to emails or messages from Notifications.Android KitKat also has interactive notifications, but they’re not as powerful because they require you to quit what you’re already doing to respond to the notification. Although Android announced this feature first, Apple has a better implementation.

while looking at android vs. ios 8, another big new feature from Apple is the presence of the new Quick Type keyboard. Quick Type enables you to tap on words suggestions as you type. It bases guesses for the next word based upon your past conversations. Apple’s Quick Type keyboard will even type into account the app you are using, and will make different suggestions in Messages than in Mail. Click here to watch iOS 8.4 jailbreaking video.Apple ios 8 vs. Kitkat

Apple’s big new cloud service is iCloud Drive. With iCloud Drive, you save, and access files directly to a folder on your Mac’s hard drive. The files stored in iCloud Drive are then accessible inside iCloud Drive-compatible apps.It’s hardly a unique feature, however, and Google has Google Drive (not to mention Dropbox, One Drive, and all the other similar cloud services).

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two dots
June 13th, 2015 by Amir Ali

The concept of Two Dots is relatively simple, maintaining the same minimalistic design of the original, with the colored dots and simple animations making up the majority of the app. The aim of the game is to produce as many vertical and horizontal lines from the same coloured dots as possible. Producing squares is the best way to advance through the levels, hence the game’s motto: “When in doubt, just make squares”.

Users of the original Dots game will be aware that there are two challenges: collect as many points as possible against the clock, or beat your high score in 30 moves. Two Dots builds upon the latter, with users restricted to a certain number of moves per level. The aim of Two Dots is not to beat your own high score but to beat each level.

Two Dots Tips for Apple and Android Users:

Advancing through levels with a restricted number of lives is reminiscent of games such as Candy Crush and in many ways Two Dots could be thought of as a more stripped down version of these games, appealing to a similar fan base. Each level presents an increasingly higher level of accuracy, with different-shaped grids and challenges, designed to stump even the most avid of puzzler.

Each player is assigned five lives, which if lost are replaced every 20 minutes or can be refilled for 69 p for the more impatient players. Lives are lost if the player fails to compete the level in the assigned number of moves or restarts the level from the beginning. The lives are a source of contention for many, as some of the grids are so difficult that the restricted amount of moves mean that the player can drain their lives quite quickly.

Two Dots Tips for Apple and Android Users:

two dots

To add extra moves or lives, the player has to make extra in-app purchases, which could prove expensive for the most addicted of players. Perhaps more infuriating is the fact that the more difficult levels depend quite heavily on luck rather than on actual puzzling skill by the player, with how the dots initially fall heavily influencing the outcome of each level.

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Apple iOS 9 beta vs Android M Comparison
June 12th, 2015 by Muz Khan

As you know iOS 9 beta is out and people are trying its new features and thousands have tried it using the developers UDID and even without needing it as well. But soon we all shall be able to enjoy the features of iOS 9 which are not new to the smartphone community especially to the people who are tech savvy and know about latest updates, as heard by many tech blogs there has been many similarities in forthcoming iOS 9 & Android M.

Apple iOS 9 beta vs Android M Comparison

Keeping in view the same aspects PocketNow has developed one video comparison in which they have shown side by side look on iOS 9 vs Google Android M, by running the beta versions.

Apple and Google are each bringing huge improvements to their mobile operating systems later this year with iOS 9 and Android M. Join us for an early look at how some of those features compare as we put the iOS 9 beta up against the Android M developer preview in a quick comparison!

Have a look on below video showing similarities between Apple iOS 9 & Google Now. Don’t forget to give your opinion in below comments.

iOS 9 Beta vs Android M Developer Preview


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June 10th, 2015 by Amir Ali

The way that both the Apple Photos and Google Photos apps organize your photos is very similar. Apple organizes your photo library using smart groups based on time and location called “Moments”, “Collections” and “Years”. While the two apps may look similar, Google Photos takes a different approach to photo organisation. The when you view photos in Apple’s app you will see them categorized by date and location, but location really takes precedence to date. The Google app displays photos so you can clearly see which day they were taken – the date just stands out on the interface more than it does on the Apple Photos app.




Apple also has a search feature within its Photos app and while this also works well, it’s limited to locations and dates – not very helpful if you can’t remember where or when the photo was taken.

Apple Photos vs Google Photos: Editing

Let’s move onto another important aspect of any app that handles photos – editing. More specifically, photo editing. Google offers various editing tools to help spruce up your photos, including the standard “auto enhance” and a number of Instagram filters for those of you that use them. It also offers tools to tweak the light, color, ‘pop’ (sharpness) and vignette, however these are applied using sliders and offer no manual input. Apple offers auto enhancement, filters and controls over color and light but takes it a step further than Google

Apple Photos vs Google Photos: Sharing

Apple also offers iCloud Photo Sharing via shared folders within the Photos app. You simply create a folder and add the email address of the person(s) you want to share the album with. Once created and shared, all members will be sent a notification whenever new photos are added, the main thing that sets Apple Photos aside from Google Photos. Google Photos backs up your entire library to its servers, offering you unlimited space for free.
If you choose to share images with someone that person doesn’t need the Google Photos app, as the photos are accessible via web browser. The person in question can browse the photos and save them to either their device or Google Photos stream. If you want to revoke access to a link, simply delete it from the “Shared Links” menu from within the Google Photos app.

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facebook video calling
June 8th, 2015 by Amir Ali

Facebook has an external messaging app, when you can talk to your Facebook contacts without having their mobile number.  When the whats-app application came out with voice calling, Facebook messenger video calling was also announced and this was so they didn’t stay behind or lose their users. As everyone already knows Facebook messenger already offers people the ability to make voice calls to friends all around the world. By providing video calls, the app allows everyone to engage into face to face conversations with their friends and the people they care about.


facebook video calling

Facebook messenger video calling is fast, high quality and reliable. Its like when you are talking to someone and you feel like you are unable to express yourself in words, or the thing that you are talking about deserves more than just words, video call is just a click away. Both sides don’t even need to be the same operating system, the Facebook messenger video calling is cross-platform allows you to call iOS from android or call an android from an IOS. This is possible for every phone that has a front facing camera and has the Facebook messenger app installed.

At the time when the update was rolled out, it was only available in United states, united kingdom, Canada and a few other countries. But now this has changed and the update has now rolled out globally.though it has been reported that a few countries are still deprived of this new feature but even they will get their updates soon enough.
once you have the latest version of the app installed, all you have to do is simply tap the video camera icon on the top right side , this appears in any open messenger conversations which instantly allows you to connect with friends and family.

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June 5th, 2015 by Amir Ali
  1. Find out what application is using up the battery, go to setting and then to battery and see what is taking up all the juice. If you come across and app then you don’t use, or rarely use uninstall it or disable it to save your battery. This is the best tip to increase android battery life.
  2. With all these new setting like LTE, GPS, NFC ,Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, turn these off when not in use, as all they will do is take up battery. Android allowed the use of such apps specially the location based applications to run in the background and without even make through one fourth of the day you are already worried about the battery. GPS is the known battery draining machine.
  3. The new handsets now come on with this feature mostly called the save power mode. Using this feature or turning it on, might give you and extra hour or this only limits the phone to text messages, calls.increase android battery
  4. Stop most apps from running in the background until and unless it isn’t absolutely important. Go to settings and turn off all those apps that have no need to be running in the background and draining your battery. This will help you to increase android phone battery life.
  5. Hidden battery draining apps such as those useless widgets and live wallpapers, they might be sitting inactive but they are definitely hogging your battery so avoid them to improve android battery life.
  6. Turning down the brightness at night time saves up android battery
  7. Always update your apps, as some updates include mechanisms to allow that app to work with using less power, so always keep them updated. Updated apps are optimized and useful to increase android battery
  8. Sometimes when you are in an area where the signals are poor, or almost nil, try turning your ph to airplane mode, as you can’t already use it to make calls or anything cellular so in order to increase battery life turn it off or switch to airplane mode.

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Advanced Smartphones Features
June 3rd, 2015 by Amir Ali

The phone has been evolving since 21st century. Every year some new phone is released with more advanced functions. The journey of phones started from black and white screens to touch screens and sensors which can even sense our heart beat. There is no doubt that wireless technology has been rapidly advancing at a faster rate for last ten years. Expected Features in upcoming smartphones are discussed today or we can say how to make smartphone more smarter in future.

Now days, smart phones are so powerful because they are more multifaceted to computers. Whether it is octa-core processors, Quad HD screens, GBs of RAM, you can get it everything in your Smartphone but despite of all such features still there’s something which we miss in our smart phones. They are compatible but not durable and exclusive like old phones.


Top 5 Expected features in upcoming Smartphones:Advanced Smartphones Features


1. Exclusive and unique Designs

As I remember, in good-old days phones were used to come in all size and shapes but smart phones lack such uniqueness and exclusiveness. Every smart phone can be called a bar, clamshell, flip or Slide. All smart phones look like similar slab of glass. There is no variation.


2. Durability and sturdiness

We were in habit of dropping phone five times a day when we had older phones. They were more elastic and durable but now days we keep our phones like some Holy thing. Every time we need to care about our Smartphone like a small baby because of its sensitive screen and touch system. These are some other expected features in upcoming smartphones to make them more smart.


3. It lacks Lanyard

Every time we keep our phone in plenty of designed covers for protection. Our smart phone’s manufacturers have forgotten about one protection thing. Yes, Lanyard can protect your phone .When it comes to protecting your phone, lanyards was used to protect older phones but our smart phones have no such protection thing.Advanced Smartphones Features

4. Fun with FM Transmitter

We really miss the use of FM transmitter feature in our phones through which we were used to beam the songs stored on your phones on a certain radio frequency. Through it any radio or stereo player could then tune into it. It was used to come-in handy in cars.

5. Good Battery Life of old phones

We remember that we were never used to carry power banks in those good-old days because our old phones had good battery timings. Those phones had limited features, that is why they were used to consume less battery and phone battery was used to last for multiple days. Nowadays with smart phones battery getting through a single day is a big deal. When we have such expected features in upcoming mobile phones then we will use our smartphones more effectively.

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