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Best iPhone Auto Response apps When You are Busy

Nowadays everyone is obsessed and addicted to smart phones: nothing can be done without turning off your phone. We’re all addicted to these little pieces of glass: wherever we go we take them with us like people use phone in toilets too. Every time we keep our phone in hand …

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iPhone Camera Apps to Shoot Wonderful Photos

Smartphone is greatly used to captures pictures and shoot many beautiful memories with its built-in camera. But some phones have poor built-in camera abilities. So here are some apps through which you can expand your camera’s capabilities. Through these apps you can improve your photography. Though they are third-party apps …

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iPhone 7 Release Date, Features and Camera Rumors

Rumors and news are increasingly rising about the next generation iPhone 7 features and especially camera. It is seemed clear that the major element of this smart phone would be Camera. It has been leaked recently that the consumer electronics monster Apple will permeate the iPhone 7 series with appreciably …

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