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iOS 9 is Coming with Hidden iCloud Drive

One of those features is a standalone iCloud Drive app. It’s not immediately apparent, but while launching an app we received a pop-up asking us if we wanted to install it. We were also able to access it via the Settings app iCloud the to iCloud Drive and finally show on …

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Lollipop: Android VS iOS 8

First use of Lolipop involves frequent step-by-step start-up wizards pointing out new features, along with pop-out balloons telling you where things are and how they work. It gets baffling very quickly, even for those who have minds that easily take-in such information, and makes for a stuttered introduction process because …

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iTunes Radio for iPhone and iPad

We test out iTunes Radio to see what kind of radio service we can expect when Apple launches iTunes Radio in the UK. We look at using curated iTunes Radio stations and creating My Stations to build a personalized radio service on iPhone, iPad or Mac. With iTunes Radio, you …

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TWO DOTS Tips for Apple and Android Users

The concept of Two Dots is relatively simple, maintaining the same minimalistic design of the original, with the colored dots and simple animations making up the majority of the app. The aim of the game is to produce as many vertical and horizontal lines from the same coloured dots as …

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iOS 9 vs iOS 8: What’s new?

With WWDC 2015 announcing iOS 9 with a flurry of new features and improvements, there should be a review about iOS 8 vs. iOS 9.  It seems that Apple has opted to use a new system font named “San Francisco” for iphone’s, iPads and Macs running iOS 9. If the …

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